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  1. Lighting: Dual use item- The Halloween outdoor grapevine pumpkin for Xmas

    Halloween Props
    We've either seen one of these on sale or have one toiling away in out yard, the outdoor grapevine prelit pumpkin and when Nov 1 rolls around they just sorta sit there outside, kinda halloween-ish, kinda thanksgiving-ish but no other real purpose. Until now So I had three (actually more) and...
  2. Static: Cotton ball corpsing - Latex or Mache paste?

    Halloween Props
    Groundbreaker - First project So I'm back with another question. My scarecrow build is going to be very long and will require me to learn some more advanced skills before I'm able to get started so I'll try something easier till then. The day after Halloween I got a couple of cheap skeletons...
  3. Resurrection Vale Halloween Party Foods

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We had BBQ Pulled Pork, Beef and Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese with tomato bread stuffing, hotdogs and turkey meatballs. There were also side dishes of pork and beans, salad, fruit. I ended up with 115 people and we all had a good time, with bouncy houses for the kids and a cotton candy machine...
  4. Fabric Custom inkjet fabric Name Patches/Company Logos

    Halloween Crafts
    I have several orange prison overalls (screened with prisoner number on front and name of prison on back) that I wanted to repurpose to use for my Mad Lab Patient wear. Thought if I could cover the screen printing I could relabel them "Patient". I can also see creating and printing a company...
  5. 2015 Party Menus

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I'm doing a Carnival theme this year. Easy menu but we're so use to putting out big spreads, I'm not sure I have enough items planned. We're expecting 20-25 people - adults, college students and a couple of our guests are vegan. Food: hot dog/rolls sauerkraut nachos/cheese (sour cream...
  6. Cookie idea for kid's Carnival theme party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    If your haunt theme is haunted Carnival/circus and you've got a kids' party coordinating with it and you are looking for simple desset ideas, just saw these new Cotton Candy Oreos that will be coming out. If it tastes anything like cotton candy I think the kids will love it. Probably won't...
  7. Other: supplies

    Halloween Props
    I just wondered if anyone who uses things like cotton in building their props ( such as latex and cotton balls for hands , corpsing etc) realizes you can but things like non sterile roll cotton ( almost like cotton batting, can easily be ripped apart to make the size clump you want) and 4x4...