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  1. Member Introduction
    Bullet-y points, for brevity. Cranky, late-middle-aged, under-focused and over-caffeinated software engineer/sysadmin by day, mild mannered tailor by night, high-functioning autistic all the time. Hi ya'll, my name is William (call me Bill). Usually my summers and early autumn are spent making...
  2. Member Introduction
    I once belonged to this site under the name 'STORM8RING3R' when I was building a lot of animatronics. I have since picked up a few new skills and now do leather costuming for steampunk, renaissance, and pirate fans. HELLO FROM CALIFORNIA!
  3. Member Introduction
    Hello, fellow costuming enthusiasts. I am relatively new to the whole costuming world, though I have been attempting to do concept art for costumes for years. Here are a couple examples of my concept attempts. My current project is making a Beauty and the Beast "Beast" costume. Yes, for...
  4. Halloween Props
    We've decided to do a witch scene in one of the old hog pens in the barn. It's part dirt part concrete. Would like to do something like the big fight scene in Hansel and Gretel scaled down. But I'm still talking multiple witches and maybe a warlock or 2. At least 1/2 dozen or so and I want a...
1-4 of 4 Results