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  1. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I decided how about I make my whole entire costume this year out of great stuff and whatever clothing I have from previous years this is the start of a demon headmask that I plan to sculpt here soon I will keep you guys updated on how it turns out but here's a couple pics of how it is so far.
  2. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Having a huge costume party with a haunted walk through, the theme inside is like a creepy childs room, with hanging dolls and then you enter another area that is like a bloody body factory/chop shop where you could say this guy was creating lifesize dolls. I try to dress an play the part...
  3. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Last year I was able to win several costume contests for my "grim reaper" costume. I Love the costume a lot and want to use it again this year, but want to add some more props or up the ante in some way. Ideas? I've attached a photo Costume Contains: My Robe & Garb (Weathered) - Bought it at...
1-3 of 3 Results