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  1. Static: Bucky skull on Costco Skelly

    Halloween Props
    I'm building a talking skull using a bucky skull, however I need to mount said skull on a Costco skeleton's body. Any tips on how to do this?
  2. Is your significant other on board your halloween train?

    General Halloween
    My Dh is pretty good, I'm the driving force but he'll help me out on any project and will build pretty much anything I ask him to. He has fun and enjoys the time we spend working on stuff together .. but this is really my thing and he's my helper. He didn't complain when I rolled up to him at...
  3. Other: Making a Costco skeleton stand

    Halloween Props
    So I'm trying to make a Costco skeleton that i corpsed stand up in a reaching out pose in my grave yard. I was wondering if any one has done this and what is the best way to hold it up while making it look like its up on its own? I was thinking of using rebar in the ground and zip tie to the...
  4. Mechanical: My shiatsu pirate

    Halloween Props
    Made this with my shiatsu and a foam groundbreaker I had laying around. Put it in the costco half barrel. Really really simple. Surprised myself. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BqfVf1EebXA&feature=youtu.be
  5. Static: Hey UK Haunters: Costco Skellies now in stock!

    Halloween Props
    Just a heads up for the UK haunt fraternity. Costco Pose n stay skellies are now in stock at £34.99 incl VAT. Snap 'em up quick as they're sure to go fast and you'll be seeing them on e-bay or Amazon for £70.00 plus very shortly, no doubt.
  6. Static: Costco vs. Lowes Barrels

    Halloween Props
    Here is pic of the barrel planters I bought. The set on the left is from Costco - $9.97 each. Set on the right is from Lowes - $14.99 each
  7. Static: Only July 10th, but guess Who had What today?

    Halloween Props
    Only July 8th, but guess Who had What today? Costco. Skeletons, baby! ...a whole pallet. And on my way home, right after the big score...Stevie Wonder came on the radio singing "Superstition". It was early Halloween, I tell ya. :D DETAILS: Costco Item# 988565 $37.99 Durham, NC -...