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  1. Cheap and easy corpsing of skeleton

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I watched a video on youtube on corpsing a skeleton... Sundrops: EASY HALLOWEEN DIY PROP although I did not follow her way of doing it, I think mine came out great. You will need: Dollar Tree cheap garbage bags (Kitchen Tall size) Tan/Red/Dark Brown/Black spray paint Skeleton Heat...
  2. Mermaid Corpsing

    Halloween Props
    I got this neat mermaid skeleton to practice corpsing on! My first ever corpsing project, so bare with me. This is her so far. Used heat gun + plastic sheets method. In the future I want to try the latex machè method, especially with a smaller project like this. I haven't painted her...
  3. Zombie Boogedy

    Zombie Boogedy

    Boogedy dressed up as a zombie for the apocalypse
  4. Dress-up Boogedy

    Dress-up Boogedy

    Skele's are fun to play dress-up with. He's a guard for Terra
  5. Gibbit and Corps

    Halloween Props
    This is my introduction to corpsing with plastic drop cloth and a heat gun, never did it before. Took about two hours to get the type of coverage I wanted. Took two rolls of drop cloth as I doubled, tripled and quadrupled thickness in various sections, also, knotting took up a lot. You knot the...
  6. Static: corpsing barber shop heads

    Halloween Props
    If you've worked with corpsing barber shop heads and have some photos, I'd love to see them. I have several heads I'd like to work on for my first time. Here are a few ideas I had found: http://bascombemania.blogspot.com/2011/09/gearing-up-for-halloween.html
  7. Static: Rotting Head

    Halloween Props
    I made a rotting head using the shop towel and latex corpsing method. Figured I should make yet another tutorial video while I was at it. I'm going to make a second, even more rotted head that will be missing the lower jaw. Both of mine will be impaled on a stick or stake, but you can make them...
  8. Static: Best process for corpsing a skeleton like this?

    Halloween Props
    I picked up a skeleton from Spririt the other day, but it is way too cute for my yard. I am looking into converting him into a groundbreaker and would like him to have a greyish corpse look to him similar to the below pictures. I've seen some posts about using plastic wrap and a heat gun to...
  9. Static: Black Shrink Wrap for Corpsing?

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone ever used black shrink wrap for corpsing? I am corpsing plastic pumpkins and every one I spray black before I paint and dry brush. This could save me a ton of work but not sure on the quality.
  10. Static: Latex Corpsing Question

    Halloween Props
    I like corpsing skeletons with masking latex and cheesecloth, then staining. But after a couple seasons, the latex seems dried out. To anyone who does this method, do you coat the latex with anything after staining to preserve/weatherproof it?
  11. Static: corsped dragon wings

    Halloween Props
    plastic corpse big lots dragons, wing , thinking maybe I might do the rest but just don't know. I liked the dragon just not the wings I think this is a good improvement with just a dollar store table gold table cover
  12. Static: Where is the best place to get poseable skeletons?

    Halloween Props
    I'm just finishing my "Evil scientist" lab and am getting ready to move on to the skeletons I'll need. As this is the first year since contracting the Halloween bug I'm in the dark over the best source for skeletons. Michaels had theirs on sale for $48. I've seen them from ~$40 to $100+. What...
  13. Static: Pumpkin Corpsing Video

    Halloween Props
    Put the last day of my 14 days off from my real job to use by putting together this video while corpsing a pumpkin I found on clearance for $1 at Gabe's last week.
  14. Other: plastic corpsing

    Halloween Props
    I read about plastic corpsing, what is it, I've seen example of it on this site. How is it done? Zoot
  15. Static: Cotton ball corpsing - Latex or Mache paste?

    Halloween Props
    Groundbreaker - First project So I'm back with another question. My scarecrow build is going to be very long and will require me to learn some more advanced skills before I'm able to get started so I'll try something easier till then. The day after Halloween I got a couple of cheap skeletons...
  16. Static: Corpsed PVC Spider

    Halloween Props
    This was my first foray into PVC skeleton building and my first time attempting corpsing. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. It's been a big hit in the neighborhood and I've gotten a lot of comments. Also, won 2nd place in the home decorating contest for the whole neighborhood, :D. Any...
  17. More "Chicken Mache" Tricks

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Monster Mud with half the fixin's? Give it a try and let me know what you think! A follow up project to my blue groundbreaker corpsing how to, this build is a space critter from Star Wars, but obviously the same techniques apply to a host of other props.
  18. Static: Corpsing question

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone tried using grocery store bags in Tan and grey for corpsing? I know they may not go around the torso but was thinking the color might work good. And they are free.
  19. Prop Showcase: CORPSING - my first attempt and pretty happy with it!

    Halloween Props
    I spent some time this weekend corpsing some cheap skeletons I picked up at Home Depot ($30). This is the end result. The first one turned out a bit more charred looking so I used a thinner mix on the second one. I don't think they turned out too shabby for my first attempt!
  20. Static: Pumpkin Man

    Halloween Props
    So this has been my first year really doing Halloween decorating past just a dummy or something made of old clothes and this was one of my first big projects and was made mostly of trash I had laying around. Posting sorta progress shots of it that I just finished the other day. I ended up...