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  1. Halloween Props
    I made this prop today, tried to go for the old mummy corpse look using the plastic method. Any tips to make it better?
  2. Corpsed parrot for my pirate skeleton

    He has 1 pearl eye, one patch, a leg splint and random green feathers. I also pierced his beak like a muari warrior. i
  3. Halloween Props
    This is my first year I am going to try corpsing a skeleton. Is there a difference in any of these ? Or can I go for the cheapest one (from Lowes or Home Depot since I am corpsing it anyway?)...
  4. Halloween Props
    Started out just wanting to see how detailed I could make a corpsed skeleton, then it evolved into a corpse on a stake, then into a corpse staked on a tree branch with some severed rotting heads alongside. The corpsing was done with latex, shop towel and great stuff. There are a few other odds...
  5. Halloween Props
    Hey all, I am new here and I wanted to share with you something that I've built. I am really proud of it. It was a lot of work, but it gets a lot of attention from the neighbors. The archway is built with PVC pipe, tons of personally carved jackos (several store bought as well) and lights...
  6. Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY SHOW – EPISODE 176 – HAUNTCON PREVIEW Episode 176 HauntCon is just around the corner, and the Roundtable of Terror offers up chairs for vendors and organizers of HauntCon 2019. it’s a lively conversation with a lot of information regarding HauntCon 2019 in the BIg Easy. Badger...
  7. Product Reviews
    I ran four fog machines for three different scenes at my yard haunt this year. I saw that they sell fog scent and thought this would be perfect for each scene so I purchased Swamp for my pirate ship, Electrocution for my electric chair and Haunted Mansion for my haunted walkway. I purchased...
  8. Halloween Props
    I picked up a skeleton from Spririt the other day, but it is way too cute for my yard. I am looking into converting him into a groundbreaker and would like him to have a greyish corpse look to him similar to the below pictures. I've seen some posts about using plastic wrap and a heat gun to...
  9. Announcements / Press Releases
    This week on Haunted Radio, we are featuring news on Child's Play 2, Funko, Hot Topic, Pet Sematary, World War Z, McFarlane Toys, Halloween, George A. Romero, Freddy Krueger, The Conjuring 3, and more!! Then, we announce the full list of nominees that you can vote for in our annual Golden...
  10. Halloween Props
    I need to replace my old zombie prop and have been looking around. this guy caught my eye. I was originally looking for a corpse trype zombie. but this guy has a lot of character. He speaks to me...
  11. Wanted to Buy
    Currently looking for the animatronic Electrified corpse, needs to be in good shape. Make your offer and if you also have other animatronic you want to sell as well let me know as i would likely be interested in buying more than 1. Thank you!
  12. Halloween Props
    The title pretty much says it all. I'm looking for several skeletons to corpse. The usual places to get them in October - Spirit, HD, etc. - aren't an option yet and I've got lots to do between now and then. Who has a good quailty skeleton at a reasoble price? As an option - do people here do...
  13. Halloween Props
  14. Halloween Props
    I have always been a fan of "pumpkinrot's" work. His 2015 display especially fascinated me and I have been planning on making my version of his staked copse's for a while. So here are a few pics for your consideration. The spines are made of bent pvc, ribs are 10/2 romex and the sculls are...
  15. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am selling a life size Vanessa corpse prop from midnight studios it has amazing detail its suppose to be meant to lay on a table but I had it customized to stand up she has a steel base and is sturdy she is a bit heavy I paid $900 asking $700 obo local pick up please im in oak lawn Illinois...
  16. Halloween Props
    Here is the start of our Swamp Witch. We took a skeleton and a skeletal snake from Target. We pre-corpsed the snake and then ran it up inside her. The idea is she is summoning dark magic. Next we put her into the position we needed and stained her bones. Then we corpsed her using the plastic...
  17. Halloween Props
    I spent some time this weekend corpsing some cheap skeletons I picked up at Home Depot ($30). This is the end result. The first one turned out a bit more charred looking so I used a thinner mix on the second one. I don't think they turned out too shabby for my first attempt!
  18. Halloween Props
    My first go at it.
  19. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I have to share because this is comming along SOOO GOOD! I am making a new corpse for my bug infested corpse in a bed prop and I focused on the head first and it came out FANTASTIC! Layers of paper mache
1-20 of 83 Results