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  1. Mad Science Party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Changing up my plans due to changes in scheduling. Instead of Golden Age Halloween with Lovecraft-inspired storytelling, I am instead planning on a science party, with actual experiments to do. I think this will provide plenty for my guests to do - especially if anyone brings kids. I'm...
  2. New 2015 Masks that are now in stock.

    Announcements / Press Releases
    The Corn Harvester Price: $49.99 Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-2015-Corn-Harvester-Burlap-Scarecrow-Halloween-Mask-Horror-Monster-/261869463805?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cf8a2e8fd
  3. Pumpkin Patch 2015

    General Halloween
    Yeah, yeah, I know, it's barely February. But, it's time to start buying seeds, people! We are trying for a 3 sisters garden one last time this year. After our Neon pumpkins last year failed to keep away whatever was eating on the corn due to the lack of prickles on the vines, we are trying...
  4. WTB Home Depot Jacko'Lantern Man

    Wanted to Buy
    http://www.homedepot.com/p/Home-Accents-Holiday-72-in-Standing-Jack-O-Lantern-Man-with-LED-Illumination-and-Talking-Sound-Effects-Motion-Activated-4302-72078/205080298 Anyone in an area that still has one and willing to ship it to me? Pretty please with candy corn on top?
  5. Prop Showcase: Rural Illinois Yard Haunt 2014

    Halloween Props
    Was not really in the festive mood this year, but after visiting several sites like Pumpkinrot, and this site, which I watched (Old Man Bakke - On how to build a cauldron - You are genius by the way! I was pumped and ready to go. With only 6 weeks out, I was able to pull by yard haunt off...
  6. Mother Nature found a new way to damage my haunt... RACOONS! YAY!

    General Halloween
    My wife counted 8 racoons last night, playing in our haunt last night, all at once. They broke many of the Corn Stakls (they had dried corn in them) that we didn't had time to secure to the fences. I don't really mind, as a huge animal lover, can't blame them. But the funny part, every...
  7. Static: corn where there is no corn

    Halloween Props
    Is anyone aware of artificial corn stalks for sale? Growing up in the upper midwest--they embodied Halloween and Fall. Living in AK now and no corn to be had... Suggestions? Thanks, Peter
  8. Prop Showcase: 2014 Yard Set up....so far

    Halloween Props
    Alright folks, we started off just running the power for lights, set up the corn stalks and from there we just couldn't stop. You know how it is. We decided to go with a cohesive theme this year throughout the yard instead of doing areas dedicated to their own and decided on scarecrows, corn...
  9. Static: Children of the Corn

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, First-time poster here. I have become somewhat known in my neighborhood for terrifying the kids during Halloween, which is a great thing. This year, I wanted to do a Children of the Corn/ Haunted Corn field theme. I have seen other threads with ideas, but could really use some...
  10. Static: 3 Little Pigs , new props

    Halloween Props
    Paper mâché my little piggies. They will be on on stakes in my new children of the corn type area this year. I will have a corn field in the corner of the yard with a spooky pumpkinrotish scarecrow with these pig heads on stakes up and in the corn stalks. The scarecrow will not be the pumpkin...
  11. Kettle Corn or Regular Popcorn?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Okay, survey for everyone! I'm doing the clown theme this year so it'll be circusy and carnivalish, and while I'm going to be providing some drinks, cupcakes and cakeballs, my only other contribution will be the popcorn for my guests since I ask people to bring food as I don't have time to...
  12. Disgusting halloween candies

    General Halloween
    Post what you seen as the most disgusting halloween candies. Star burst candy corn
  13. Costume Help!!!

    General Halloween
    Does anyone know what this costume would be called or have seen it online? I saw it at a recent haunted house.
  14. Baby corn on the cob costume, family ideas?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I got a corn cob costume for my baby and would like to walk in our local halloween parade, me and my husband (possibly more friends or our dogs). Anyone have any theme ideas that would go with a corn on the cob? Besides a farmer
  15. Outdoor Party

    General Halloween
    Hi~ newbie to the forum. I have three teenagers and we are known for our annual Halloween parties. Each year has to outdo the last. We hold the parties in our front yard which is filled with pine trees. (I will attempt to post pics in the album section after this post.) Last year in addition to...