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  1. Mechanical: Convert battery prop that is sound activated to a timer

    Halloween Props
    Hi all I recently bought two props that I didn't realize were only sound activated. They turn on when I turn on the power so I am wondering if anyone has played with converting something like this to a timer activation. I've been searching but can't find anything that I can splice inline to do...
  2. Electronic/Software: Convert VSA routines to LOR

    Halloween Props
    I heard of this out there somewhere, but didn't pay too much attention because I didn't need it. This year, I am helping someone with their haunt and it looks like this might be needed. He is going to have a large number of LED lights to control so he's too limited with the number of channels in...
  3. Mechanical: Light up eye

    Halloween Props
    I got this light up eye for $5. Can i convert it so i can plug it in? Will take pics after.
  4. Electronic/Software: I need to convert an MP4 to DVD

    Halloween Props
    Any ideas on some free software I can use? Thanks.