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  1. Electronic/Software: Stay Tombed! Radio prop

    Halloween Props
    I have a few old-style radios that I've been saving for a haunted hotel redo that I'm planning to spook up but recently was on Party City's site with clearance sale and decided to take a chance on their haunted radio. https://www.partycity.com/haunted-radio-796401.html Ordered it along with a...
  2. Electronic/Software: Vintage power supply for Wiper motor

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, quick question, I may be able to pick up a vintage power supply for cheap, output voltage says 13.5v DC, 3A max continuous, 5A peak. Will that run a wiper motor?
  3. Halloween Haunted House: A Continuous Mix for the Ultimate Fright Night of Horror (De

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/ppuljy88imwq4sep78q9iqcon7duqcap Halloween Haunted House (Continuous Mixed Terror Version) Halloween FX Productions 1:03:45 2 Halloween Nightmare Halloween FX Productions 2:14 3 Halloween Haunted House Halloween FX Productions 5:20 4 Welcome to the...
  4. Halloween Haunted House Deluxe Edition

    Halloween Music
    Halloween Haunted House: A Continuous Mix for the Ultimate Fright Night of Horror (Deluxe Edition) DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/j0bubd6izcmjq/hallhaunthouse
  5. Pneumatic: Chauvet 1300 Huricane will not work continuous

    Halloween Props
    Good day all, I am new to this kinda stuff and went out and bought a Chauvet 1300 Hurricane smoke machine. Reading the web I notice alot of trouble with the timer, first thing I tested. Works fine :D But now I want to make a sizeable chiller (race car turbo intercooler :rolleyes:) and cover my...
  6. Electronic/Software: Removing a motion sensor?

    Halloween Props
    Hi all, With the help of advice I've found around here I've managed to remove some motion detectors from items, but it's usually hit or miss: sometimes the simple route of connecting wires works, sometimes it doesn't. Right now I'm trying to remove the motion sensor from a "motion maker"...
  7. Help.....I need a sound track for HOWLING Wolves

    Halloween Music
    Hi everyone, Well....I have searched every where, and I can not find....a sound Track ( A LONGGGGG Sound Track) for Howling Wolves. Yes.....I have found a very short 30 second sound bite....but.....I am wanting to down load a lengthy Continuous Sound Track of Creepy Howling Wolves.....No...