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  1. Member Introduction
    Not a shock that I was a MonsterKid, growing up in the 1970's, reading Famous Monsters of Filmland, watching for old movies in the TV Guide, and staying up late on Saturdays to watch local horror hosts. I began making short movies on my dads Super-8 camera, each with a horror or monster trend...
  2. Member Introduction
    I stumbled upon this site from pinterest and wow, you guys are great. This could be a new addiction for me. So many great ideas and not nearly enough time to try it all. I will say in advance that I tend to lurk more than type. Hurray for Halloween fanatics! Off to continue lurking quietly. JD
  3. Member Introduction
    I was motivated to join after lurking for many moons due to fog machine issues! But, there's more to life than fog, so I'm gonna continue to enjoy reading all the fantastic ideas and stories people post here. Cheers!
  4. General Halloween
    Hi, I was so excited.....bought loads of stuff including smoke maker and lighting and couldn't wait to put it all out tonight.....then it started rairing! A big part of the display is tombstones and most are battery operated and light up and some make noise. I have many sound and/or motion...
  5. Halloween Props
    Getting ready to add a great stuff fire under my cauldron and was looking for a way after it begins curing to smush the cauldron into the foam to "seat " it without having it stuck. I'd still like the two to be able to be stored separately as that way I can continue modding the cauldron. Thanks!!
1-5 of 5 Results