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  1. Static: Alien containment unit

    Halloween Props
    Working on a couple of alien containment units for our haunted house. I'm not sure if I like the black paint though. I am debating if I should maybe repaint it gray instead?
  2. Electronic/Software: Zombie Containment Unit

    Halloween Props
    Well I finally got the big new prop for this year up and working. I have a few more things to add like signage and what not but got it all wired today and tried it out! Should be a big hit as was the monster in a box last year I rigged up. Here's a short video.
  3. Zombie Containment Unit

    Need help on finding plans and instructions on how to build Zombie Containment unit.
  4. Pneumatic: Zombie Containment Unit

    Halloween Props
    I finally got around to building the cabinet for my Zombie Containment Unit. So far I have the frame done with the monitors, electronics, pneumatics and air cannon installed. I still have a long way to go putting the skin on the box, installing speakers, fog, lights, etc. Below are a few...
  5. Pneumatic: Zombie Containment Unit

    Halloween Props
    I am intending to build a full size zombie containment unit using all the parts available from Hi-Rez Designs. I understand this will be quite an undertaking and was wondering if anyone here has built such a device?
  6. Prop Showcase: Zombie Containment Chamber and Disposal Unit

    Halloween Props
    It's been a while since I posted but I thought I would share a few of my props. Below is my containment chamber and disposal unit. https://youtu.be/AzsAT8ViMOg https://youtu.be/CNl0KemBHl0
  7. Atmosphere Effects: Zombie Containment - looking for alternatives

    Halloween Props
    Like many others here, I'm starting to design my more complex props and one of which will be a zombie containment box and/or barrel (haven't decided yet). I was wondering if anyone knows of cheaper alternatives to the videos that Hi-Rez Designs makes (see below). I like what they have because...
  8. Static: GHOSTBUSTERS Ghost Containment Unit

    Halloween Props
    Since we did a Ghosts theme for this year's Boo Bash, and it was the 30th anniversary of the movie Ghostbusters, I decided to pay a tribute to the movie. One of the props I undertook was to make a quick version of the Ghost Containment Unit, This was made from scrap lumber and parts, in about...
  9. Pneumatic: zombie in a barrel almost done

    Halloween Props
    zombie in a barrel finished. Done.done,done,done,done.