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  1. Static: Biohazard Prop

    Halloween Props
    Picked up a few plastic containers, Great Stuff foam, spray paint and a cheap dollar store skull for a quick biohazard prop. The large container fits a small fog machine inside. Holes drilled into the top and between the two containers lets fog ooze all over the place. Horrid phone pics, but...
  2. Other Coffee container prop/craft help

    Halloween Crafts
    I have a lot of extra coffee tins and containers, and I was trying to think of a cool way to reuse them. I am currently trying to get a swamp theme going for 2017, and was thinking of maybe reusing them as lanterns or containers for hanging props. Anyone out there with experience reusing...
  3. Other: Given Some neat items today!

    Halloween Props
    They are Black Acrilic sheets , some 5 ft by 18" by 1/2 inch thick. They were scraps from a factory in this county that made containers for a large, portable sewer-Cleaning Machinery. This material was being "Welded" together with some sort of a "Heat Gun"? So far I have had several ideas of...
  4. Need ideas for apple shaped treat containers

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Need a treat bag to hold candy for TOTers. Wife will be handing them out as maleficent so what something very recognizable as an apple. Some options out there which might be too expensive as we get about 100-150 visitors. Plastic apple containers.. about $1.20 ea...