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  1. Static: Is this mannequin head too simple?

    Halloween Props
    I am horrible with painting. Well, not ALL painting. Give me 4 walls, a roller and a brush and I can make that room look amazing. When it comes to any other form of painting, I just can't seem to get it down. I have painted this head 3 times already! I am calling it done. Because if I try...
  2. Fog: Aceitup1011 Fog Thread

    Halloween Props
    Hi ! So I'm really excited this Halloween! ! I just bought a fog machine this year and can't wait to use it, now I did tons of reading, tons of googling, and researching....I have a few questions Now I'm going with the trash barrel and dryer hose set up. I've seen some people drill holes in...
  3. Pneumatic: Help with Water Spitter

    Halloween Props
    It seems so easy, yet it is not working for me. Using compressed air to a valve. Now, I tried 2 different methods, both do not work. 1) Use a Tee to combine water line and air line with hopes to get a spray. Instead, the TEE is pushing air down the water line into the water container, making...