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  1. Arkham Asylum 2019 (Party Decorations)

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So, I finally decided to pull the trigger and have a Halloween party. I've always wanted to, but I live alone and am self conscious about the cleanliness of my house. I decided "life's too short [redacted] it!" I'm a huge Batman fan both metaphorically and literally (too many carbs) so I...
  2. Static: Large iceberg/glacier props for Frankenstein in the Arctic theme

    Halloween Props
    Hello all! Anyone else pining for the season? This year's haunt theme is the last voyage of Frankenstein's ship. We plan on converting the front porch into a ship and turning the front yard into an arctic sea. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on creating icebergs, lit from within. My initial...
  3. Other: Halloween 2018: Revenant Manor Build

    Halloween Props
    I've been experiencing some issues when trying to create / update albums on the forum this year, so I figured instead of creating a build album this year, I might try a post instead. For 2018 to this point, we've added a new haunt sign, mausoleum, vine lanterns, and the 'witching well'. All...
  4. Mechanical: At one time there was a webpage to some of the bguys, whom built...est DIY

    Halloween Props
    Hello all.... There was a group of guys who loved to build and create Cemetery Fences, Gargoyles, columns ect. The name of their web page was called "Wolfstone"....Does anyone know of their whereabouts? I have some Gargoyle Latex molds that I would like to build a frame -support for the, use a...
  5. black light tunnel ideas

    Halloween Props
    Looking for new ideas for construction of black light tunnel.
  6. "Nightmare on the Loop" Garage Haunt 2018 Progress

    General Halloween
    Finally "breaking ground" on construction of our annual garage haunt!! Only 1 week behind schedule, not bad. Thought I would document it this year for posterity. This is our floorplan from last year. We aren't changing the layout, but we do want to jazz up some of the rooms. ROOM 1 (entry...
  7. Pumpkin man

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    First I want to thank all of you who gave me suggestions. The pumpkin man is about nine feet tall and made of PVC ,3 inch pipe. The arms and legs are detachable from the torso, for storage. They are held in place with two sheet metal screws. The pipe is spray painted with several colors to break...
  8. Static: Pumpkin Man Ideas

    Halloween Props
    I've built a 9ft pumpkin man out of 2 inch pvc pipe. I wrapped the pipe with pipe insulation to break up its lines and look like vines, but it still looks like pipe. Outside of sanding the pipe down and texturing it with epoxy putty I can't think of what to do to get rid of the pipe look. Any ideas?
  9. Static: Grey 3 Inch Foam!!

    Halloween Props
    Check out this stuff! 3 inches thick and grey! picked it off a construction site in Indiana its for masonry made by Dow
  10. Static: ! Need help building arch using empty water bottles !

    Halloween Props
    Each year dh and I go camping during the Halloween season and we are always looking for inexpensive ways to decorate our site. This year I have been saving empty Smart Water bottles, the larger one liter size. I had planned to simply spray paint them orange, paint on jack-o-lantern faces, and...
  11. Halloween conflict

    General Halloween
    So I have conflict for Halloween this year. First Ive just started a remodel on my house and The construction is scheduled to be done the second week of October. Knowing how construction goes I'm expecting it to extend past that into November. This will limit not only the space I have to build...
  12. Static: Cemetery columns - anyone have plans to share?

    Halloween Props
    I've decided that I'm going to do some brick columns this year (with gates) to go with my existing fencing. Does anyone know of plans available for columns? I'm going to attach pink foam to the outside to make bricks. I tend to be good at the painting, weathering, etc. but as far as the...
  13. Mechanical: A little bit of everything for this front door

    Halloween Props
    I hated passing out candy every year so I made a front door to do it for me. Let me know what you think. During the day and still under construction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdz7L4750rA Night time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iumYgvce0Cc I also had one for the little kids :)...
  14. Pneumatic: Help :How to build a barrel jumper

    Halloween Props
    I got a Bleu plastic barrel, I have a bucky, a compressor, a aircilinder, wood and plastic tubing. I would like to make a simple construction so the blucky pops up when I hit the switch, but I can't figure out a good way to make the poping construction. Any tips or good and simple article?
  15. Cemetery Gate and Pillars

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    I'll be making a cemetery gate entrance complete with pillars on each side topped with gargoyles. I haven't searched the forum yet but will do so shortly for ideas. Any advice is certainly welcome! My initial thoughts were pvc pipe and foam construction. Then again, I could use a light wood...
  16. Halloween display vs. Home renovation project

    General Halloween
    Converting the front yard into a graveyard will be challenging this Halloween season due to a home renovation project we have planned this late summer & early fall. Has anybody ever done some major exterior & interior home renovations and still put up all the outdoor Halloween decorations? Is...