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  1. Halloween on a budget that worked great!

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    Last minute decorations made cars slow down and was a hit with trick or treaters. We ran out of candy after an hours and a half in a neighborhood here in Michigan which is normally very quiet. We had over 90 families with multiple kids in tow. I created a congruent theme of a classic...
  2. HAUNTED RADIO: headless horseman, greenfield village, jigsaw, conjuring, and more!!

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    This week on Haunted Radio, we are celebrating the 4th of July with news on Headless Horseman Hayrides, Hallowe'en In Greenfield Village, Castle Rock, The Conjuring 3, Jigsaw, and more!! Then, we review the 1996 film 'Uncle Sam' and then a special edition of Haunted Radio's Top Ten. Then, the...
  3. Mechanical: the conjuring prop 2015

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