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  1. Electronic/Software: Use for old Computers?!

    Halloween Props
    Found some old Dell Optiplex computers with 2.5 Ghz Processors and between 1 and 3 Gigs of RAM (can be upgraded to 3 for about $12) The HDDs are mostly 40 Gb but some are 20... No monitors to leave with them... Any ideas of how they could be used for Halloween?! Thanks!
  2. Electronic/Software: HELP! I need computer folks to help me.

    Halloween Props
    Hi all! So I have purchased two BenQ MX810ST MX713 ST DLP projectors. I have downloaded a Atmosfear set of scenes. Here is where I need help. I'm so clueless with computers that I have no idea how to get the files together and run them in a loop. Any help with this would be great. Thanks!