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  1. Fog: Differences in Standard Fog Fluid and Fluid for Water Based Foggers

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know the difference between standard fog fluid and the ones that specifically say they are for use in water based foggers? Seems to be top secret the ingredients used in commercial fluid. I have a new water based fogger that uses distilled water along with fog fluid. I was hoping...
  2. Halloween Cemeteries

    General Halloween
    I'm working on some things to add to my Halloween web site and even after much research I'm not having much luck, have any of you come across any information on when Haunters started bringing cemeteries into their Halloween displays, how that got started? When it came about was it started by a...
  3. Lighting: LED bulbs for Faux Fire?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, I'm trying to build my own fake fire for a burning town scene and I'm hung up on the lighting. I have the silk flames and all but every light I try looks like crap. I know the LED's in the commercial cauldrons are very bright and look great but I don't know what lumens they are or...
  4. Anything You Can Do...

    General Halloween
    Have you guys seen the latest Party City commercial yet? Too funny!
  5. Where to buy custom house projection videos

    Wanted to Buy
    We usually buy from www.digitalpressworks.com and are just wondering if there are other companies out there or people who also do the same thing. I've looked and only seem to find commercial type businesses that are unable to help me. Does anyone know of any others?
  6. Vendor Rules

    Vendor Deals
    1. Any and all commercial posting on the forum requires vendor credentials to do so. This includes: A business name Usernames, business information in your Signatures and or Avatars, soliciting in private message, and any and all commercial posting in threads. Failure to sign up as a...
  7. The Circus of Terror

    Halloween Music
    Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of years folks, I've been quite busy. Just thought I would drop this here. Some clown haunt music I did about 4 years ago. https://soundcloud.com/mindshaft-music/circus-of-terror I am SO tired of clowns. But for you small, non commercial "home" haunters who...
  8. Best Way to Record Internet Radio?

    Halloween Music
    Been loving all the Halloween music internet radio stations out there. I'd love to record some of the stuff for use during TOT- not any commercial use. What is the best (pronounced "free") way of doing this? Running Windows 10.
  9. Post links to Commercial Haunts

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    www.fearmongers.ca A Commercial Haunt in Vancouver BC Adults Only...
  10. Halloween Commercials

    General Halloween
    The thread about the Monster Cereals reminded me of probably my favorite all time Halloween Commercial. It was back from the 90's and I loved this mascot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg2j6EifRWo Btw if anyone can teach me the way to make the link more simplified that would be awesome. Ya...
  11. Help Please read

    General Halloween
    Does anyone remember a halloween commercial or ad (cant remember) That has a headless horseman prop that says "go no further unless you want to end up like me""! And also in the commercial theres a head that says " ive waited an eternity and the time is finally here"". The commercial was...
  12. Where would you go for vacation in October???

    General Halloween
    I'm taking a week off in early October....wondering where to go ?? ( in the usa) Savannah? Salem ma? New Orleans?? Where?? I want to go some place that celebrates Halloween ( not too commercial), has some history of paranormal activity....and has some good ghost tours. Am I asking too much?? I...
  13. Static: What do I do with these??

    Halloween Props
    These were dropped off at my house by some random neighbor...(I have become "that house")...and I don't know what to do with them. They are not really my style but there has got to be something I could use them for or do to them that would take that commercial Halloween look off them... Got any...
  14. New Halloween Commercial (video)

    General Halloween
    Hi all! I thought I'd share this with you guys because I know if anyone would appreciate an early Halloween commercial, it would be the good people here at the Halloween Forum! :) There's a local costume shop here in Southwest Florida called "The Red Headed Witches" that's open year round. Big...
  15. Static: Commercial spray foam

    Halloween Props
    My question is simple, has anybody used COMMERCIAL QUALITY spray foam ? The type used to insulate homes and the like. My company is using more and more and today my install guy brought me a "lump" that formed in a bucket he used to test the mix. Thoughts on uses.
  16. Electronic/Software: Question about commercial Story Teller Reaper prop

    Halloween Props
    The Animated Reaper prop looks pretty nice, but none of the sites stocking it have information on how it's triggered. Anyone know if it's just triggered manually by a switch, or is there motion or sound activation, or what? I know on the standing witch with cauldron prop that's around, it...
  17. Static: haunt/tutorial videos for sale?

    Halloween Props
    Anybody have any Pro haunt vids or books they're done with and want to get rid or sell? I just bought the hauntbook and hauntworld's site has a bunch of stuff Send me message if do, ready to buy ....