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  1. Fake pumpkin guts

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I needed some fake pumpkin guts to hang out of a pumpkin. This tutorial is based on one I found on youtube done by Monster Tutorials here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00IpgGRqNjg So first get your materials: - liquid latex - food coloring - elmers orange glitter glue - a plastic cup for...
  2. Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

    There are lots of Halloween activities such as: trick or treat, costume parties, watching scary movies, lighting bonfires, playing pranks etc. Today we suggest one activity for you, it is coloring page. If your kids like Halloween and want to discover and find more information this festival...
  3. Fog: Green fog

    Halloween Props
    Random thought/question: I wonder if there is any way to 'tint' the fog coming out of my machine (i.e. with dye or food coloring?) so it is actually green, instead of using green lights to achieve a similar effect...
  4. Some free coloring pages & a holiday card

    Off-Topic Stuff
    My husband and I put up free coloring pages that people can print for either themselves or their kids. Since winter will be upon us shortly, I thought people here might be interested in this as a quick and easy gift or party activity. (Or for getting rid of holiday stress!) I'm learning how to...
  5. Static: "Bernard" and a few rats

    Halloween Props
    Not thrilled with the coloring, but at night with lighting, I'm hoping I'll get the look I want. Thanks for looking!
  6. Get your crayons out! It's coloring time!

    General Halloween
    I thought this was funny. It's the Haunted Horror Pre-code Coloring book! It doesn't come out until November apparently so you won't be able to use it to de-stress this Halloween. :( But might make a perfect stocking stuffer for your favourite haunter. :)...
  7. Latex Mold Making: Skulls on the Cheap.

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Welcome to the new and hopefully improved latex mold tutorial. At the very least, I have a more secure picture host. As with most my recent tutorials, I will break it down via a series of direct links in the top post here to work as a directory. I'll turn these into links as I type up each...