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  1. What color light to get for indoor Castle feel?

    General Halloween
    We host an annual Halloween party and so far the focus has been on costumes and decor, but we've left our regular light bulbs in. For this year, we'd like to dim the lights a bit to make our home feel more castle-like. Not spooky (we're doing Harry Potter), just warm and more mysterious. What...
  2. DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs: Lego Dogo

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Excitement is building for this DIY dog Halloween Costume. Turn your pooch into a Lego brick – and it all starts with an empty shoebox. Lego my Dogo! Lego was a favorite toy of mine back in the day. There was no limit as to what you could build. It kept me out of trouble for hours… but because I...
  3. Public chooses LED colors by web interface

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    I searched the forum for "LED, programmable," and "2812" (the industry name for strands of programmable LED lighting), but found nothing. I'm envisioning having some exterior lighting using Arduino programmable, WS2812B LED lighting, but including a simple web interface allowing drivers-by...
  4. Static: Fishing Line Help Needed

    Halloween Props
    I tested out a quick, easy ghost I plan to hang from the ceiling. It's nothing more than a styrofoam head, a wire hanger, and a stained white sheet. I had it hanging with an 8-pound. fishing line. It looked great for about five minutes. But when I shifted it slightly so the shoulders were turned...
  5. Mortician/Corpse Couple costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    We go to a massive Halloween party every year where there is a cruise on the line to win, so we always try to come up with something really crazy and a different take to the normal costumes. This year, we are going to be a Mortician/Corpse (I know not original, but its the props that we are...
  6. Electronic/Software: Simple Single Channell Color Organ???

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know where I can get a simple single channel color organ like the ones pictured below? I'm having the hardest time finding where to buy a simple single channel one. I've found a few links to places who claim to sell them, like the one with the purple background, but you can't...
  7. Lighting: Question For Wildfire Users

    Halloween Props
    I have a few props that I painted with some cheap neon/fluorescent craft paint last year. Effect was meh. I am looking at getting a better light (a 24" or 48" tube blacklight blue light instead of the BLB CFLs I have now) and want them to pop a lot more. My question is, how far does Wildfire...
  8. Other: Gothic Windows-WIP, Advice Requested

    Halloween Props
    I have been working on these gothic windows for my 2 very large front windows (they are short and wide, so hence the less than traditional shape) Here is a pic of the progress so far: They have been dry-loc'd and have a base coat of black spray paint....I was originally going to do a...
  9. Dyeing Fabric Questions..help please!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey Haunters! I'm hoping someone who makes costumes or sews or is used to working with fabric can help me... I have a bunch of king sized sheets I have been collecting and I want to make them into haunt panels (stretching the sheets over a wood frame to use as walls). I want the fabric to be...
  10. Hair Advice, Please?

    Do any of you have ideas for making my dark hair appear light/white without actually dying/bleaching it? Perhaps some sort of spray-in color, or powder? I don't do well with wigs, and I don't want to do anything permanent. Any thoughts?
  11. Static: What specific base color do you use for your tombstones?

    Halloween Props
    This year I have decided to hard coat all my tombstones and repaint them. I am trying to decide if I should go lighter off white/ grayish or medium greyish for my base color. They are currently a darker grey with the typical aged look. I don't want to deviate too much from what I have. I was...
  12. Static: The 3rd Haunted Mansion Foam Crypt

    Halloween Props
    So after a month it is done and soon to be put in the yard to join the other two. Like the others I changed the names to ancestors of mine, and went for a light grey color rather then the tan the original is. Its also the largest of the three just missing the garage ceiling by half an inch.
  13. Static: Rats everywhere! Help please

    Halloween Props
    I'm working on a prop where a newly buried body is being eaten by rats. I have the base & bones attached with good stuff, but I'm having coloring issues. 1: what color should I paint the corpsed bones? 2. What color should I do the base? Thanks in advance!
  14. Static: Suggestions on Garage Floor

    Halloween Props
    Not sure what category this would fall under, hope I've picked the right one. I have a set up in my garage and for the last few years have used fence panels to create a floor. Over time some of them had gotten warped and I want to do something different other than just setting everything on...
  15. Static: Wall Panel Paint Test

    Halloween Props
    It's been the summer where nothing went right, and we're just NOW starting our Halloween build :eek: Since time is short, we're dyeing canvas drop cloths from Harbor Freight with black Rit dye, which gives a brownish-gray color of varying intensity- almost a tie-dye effect. Then we sponge on...
  16. Let's Play: Identify that Baby Bucky!

    General Halloween
    I had no idea there were two similar fetal skeleton models on the market that, although very similar in appearance and price, are not the same. Figured if I was confused, others might be as well. First, I bought this version (identified by the mounting hardware including springs on mandible)...
  17. Homebrew No-Stain Fake Blood

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    A slightly different recipe from most I've found online. Disclaimer: it doesn't stain me, but that doesn't mean it won't stain anything ever! Test first. Also test for allergic reaction, just in case - remember, this is the internet. Ingredients: 1 16oz bottle corn syrup 1/2 - 1 .88 oz packet...
  18. Static: LED changing color Candles

    Halloween Props
    these are cool got me one...
  19. Atmosphere Effects: Need help sourcing UV paint

    Halloween Props
    I am trying to find a supplier of good quality UV paints. Not the ones that are invisible under daylight but rather the ones that you can see the color in the daylight and fluorese under blacklight. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Wonderwall Entertainment Projector

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Got it from a friend a couple years ago and never used it. I think he said he used it once or twice so it's essentially in like new condition. 120' screen, connect video game consoles, TV's, dvd players and other components. Built in stereo sound, Control panel with A/V inputs, headphone jack...