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  1. Showcase your Halloween collectibles/collections 2018

    General Halloween
    Showcase your Halloween collectibles/collections here! I didn’t see any thread like this for Halloween collectibles or items that you collect, but I know a lot of people collect specific things and must have awesome collections that people would love to see. Show us what you’ve got!
  2. 2017 Fiestaware

    General Halloween
    I didn't see a thread on Homer Laughlin's, Fiesta Dinnerware line, so I thought I'd start one. I'm an avid lover of their dishes (my cupboards look like a rainbow barfed in them) and love, even more, their growing collection of Halloween dishes. This year's selection takes the cake as the best...
  3. Anyone LOVE Vintage Halloween Collectibles?

    General Halloween
    I do really like vintage Halloween collectibles. Of course, that sort of thing can be expensive, so to save money, for the most part I just collect pictures of things, because it's really the graphics themselves that I enjoy, the artwork. For real value, I enjoy some of the many books on...
  4. Vintage Haunted House Centerpieces 1960s-80s?

    General Halloween
    Greetings! Seeking identification info of vintage Halloween decorations by Hallmark (and their side company Ambassador). I've attached an image of a few of the items. These have no bar code, and no date. I think these are from the late 60s, or perhaps as late as the 70s or 80s? I've contacted...
  5. WTB lemax retired halloween town collectibles

    Wanted to Buy
    bare with me i honestly dont know the first thing about any of this ..... what i do however know is my girlfriend had a real bad time a few years back and without exposing too much really she lost several thousand dollars worth of these first gen collectibles which she had collected with her...
  6. What Jim Shore Halloween or other collections do you buy?

    General Halloween
    I know Lemax and other Halloween villages have a following here as well as BABW Boney Bunch. I look forward to seeing which pieces they come out with year after year but are there other collectibles/collections that you look forward to seeing? I like to see what Jim Shore comes out with, some...
  7. New vinyl sound fx record

    Halloween Music
    Really enjoying a new vinyl record called Halloween Night on AttackNine. The A side is mostly quietly creepy environmenntal soundscapes, the B side is similar but with some musical interludes reminiscent of 70s John Carpenter or Tangerine Dream. Part of this for me is the great nostalgia of...
  8. Lemax Spookytown Collection 2000-2006 - PA Pickup Only

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    SOLD! I am selling my entire Lemax Spookytown collection. I have every item from 2000-2006, many of which are retired & no longer available. All houses are in their original boxes except one which is damaged. All together, they are worth close to $2500 (houses, figurines, accessories/extras)...
  9. Lemax Spooky Town

    General Halloween
    Hi, anyone else here collect Lemax Spooky Town? Just curious if there are other high quality Halloween collectibles like this? I am not a fan of Department 56… any other suggestions for cool, nice quality Halloween collectibles?
  10. Live in Michigan? Check out the Haunted Garage Sale on 9/13/14

    Announcements / Press Releases
    MCHC Haunted Garage Sale -- Vendors and visttors needed -- sell your props, horror collectibles, and hand made horror and halloween wares Motor City Haunt Club is excited to announce our annual Haunted garage Sale. We are currently looking for vendors and guests to join in on the terrifyingly...