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  1. Static: Pennywise (2017 version) head prop

    Halloween Props
    Last year, I got a last-minute idea to try and make a Pennywise head prop out of an extra styrofoam head I had at the house. Somehow in 7 years living at my house, I had never thought to incorporate the storm drain in front of my yard! Anyway, you don't need a drain, he looked pretty neat...
  2. Modifying a "spotlight"

    General Halloween
    Hi all! I bought a "spotlight" several years ago, but have never used it. I finally got my skeletons up into a tree in our front yard... and I thought it would be fun to shine a spotlight on them. So I put in a bulb, plugged it in... and it's really just a bare bulb. So it's super bright for...
  3. Boozer the clown costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Mainly posting this because i cant find anything online about this mask except the factory pic. I made this costume like the Fatzo the Clown posting i did earlier. Let me first say that there is no way id pay $130 for this mask. That's what it retails for. i paid $68 which i think is even on the...
  4. Demon Dog from Costco

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Demon Dog I picked up this skeleton dog at Costco for $16.99. This cute little puppy caught my eye at Costco It was love at first site The price was right and I thought it would make a great addition as a watch dog for my yard cemetery decorations. This is just a very quick and...
  5. EMERGENCY! Tea party is on!!! Need help.

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So, for those of you who might not have heard, my mother in law has major health issues right now tying up my wife's time. As a result , she doesn't have the time to plan my daughter's B-day party as she wanted to, and I got word today it's in my hands. The Witch's tea party is ON!!! One...