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  1. Halloween Props
    Work is about to get ugly for me so I need to start my decorative planning pretty quickly. I have limited storage room for any newer items so I am trying to make things as tiny as possible. As the title says, I am thinking about a foldable coffin. If I were to build one (not for actual human...
  2. General Halloween
    Not sure about the rest of you, but....with only 63 days now... till Halloween Night, are you starting to feel the Pressure build, as I am? lol Each and every year, I seem to get a jump on it...Earlier and Earlier ..hoping that by starting to get into it, by March, and by starting to ease into...
  3. General Halloween
    What are the "Can't Miss" or "Must Have" things that make any Haunt.... Great? What with the Big Night...getting closer and closer and closer, and with us all scrambling to get our Haunts in order for this year.....I was just wondering, and throwing it our there to you all.....as to what you...
  4. Halloween Props
    https://catesauction.hibid.com/catalog/137640/kansas-city-rep-theatre--prop-and-costume-auction/?cpage=4 I only just found this tonight. There is just one day left. But there are so many wonderful treasures if you live in the KC area! Mummies and coffins. Just don't bid on the Yeti, I want...
  5. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I was very lucky to get several coffins when a distributor went out of business. I had to buy the lot so I have a couple extra. These are the real deal but have scratches/dents so not perfect, but who cares for Halloween! I am in Reno, Nevada and because of weight and cost I can't ship. I have...
  6. For Sale By Merchants
    Provost Displays has been a leading manufacturer in the film and theater industry for over 30 years and we are now expanding our catalog by adding panels specifically designed for Halloween and Haunted Attractions. Images of a few of our new pieces are below. (FYI: the Coffin is sold as a 3...
  7. General Halloween
    Didn't see a thread dedicated to this yet. So I'll start. 1. Rusty old chains make wonderful wind tie-downs! I draped them over my tombstones and crisscrossed them over coffins to keep the wind from destroying my lighter props. Not only did it work, but the look was perfect... especially...
  8. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi just wondered if there was a pattern that you guys used when you made your coffins, dimensions etc or is it something you do by eye?
  9. Announcements / Press Releases
    Been lurking through here a while and learning lots. I found an awesome post on craigslist. The posting's old, but I asked the author and they said there was plenty. So my son and I went up this morning (10/10) and there is still a lot to be had: 4'x8' panels, 2x4's, "rock" plastic-- an absolute...
  10. Halloween Props
    Build Instructions: http://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-Coffin/
  11. Halloween Props
    I found these while perusing through craigslist this morning. So if there's anyone from the Detroit area looking for some what could be some great ground breaking coffins, here you go. http://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/for/4925058741.html Of course they are just corner pieces and would take...
  12. Halloween Props
    I was browsing Walmart's website yesterday and look what I found. I have seen members spending a lot of money trying to make good looking coffins when all along you could buy them from Walmart. Who knew?:D http://www.walmart.com/search/?query=caskets
  13. Halloween Props
    I've been meaning to make a few coffins for years, never got around to it, last month I found a local factory that put out their old pallets and decided with such a wonderful source of wood I really needed to get started. First a ground breaker coffin to cut my teeth on. With that...
  14. General Halloween
    The wind is brutal at my place, any ideas on how i can secure my 5 foot coffins to the ground? I want it to be as easy as possible!
  15. General Halloween
    My wife thinks they will. What do you guys think?
  16. Halloween Crafts
    Hey guys! The Powerhouse of terror haunt team made these creepy little coffins to be used as media kits for our 2012 haunt season. The idea is to fill them with a bunch of scary goodness including a creative and enticing invitation to come visit our haunted house. We are still in the beginning...
1-16 of 16 Results