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  1. Pallet Toe-pincher Coffin: Tutorial

    Don't know if anyone has noticed, but I've been slowly transferring my photo album tutorials to the blog here. I've fixed some broken pieces (picture links), put on a fresh coat of paint (better explanations) and added a few more goodies to them (videos). This next one was my very first tutorial...
  2. 2010 Halloween Party Invitations

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Here are some pics of our Halloween Party invites. I found a template of a 6 inch coffin on-line and printed it out. Then I traced it out on black posterboard. I folded it and glued. I bought some 6 inch skeleton garlands and put the skeleton in the coffin. I used the twine from the garland to...
  3. Static: Undertaker or Mortician Props

    Halloween Props
    I'm planning a static scene of a funeral/mortuary viewing room. I'll have my Head Mortician "Mort De Fide" standing beside a fireplace (crematorium) and a coffin in the foreground with a skeleton or skeletal remain in it. I've got a great candleabra to put on the fireplace and assorted...
  4. Pneumatic: New Coffin Sit Up Prop

    Halloween Props
    I corpsed my Bart and mounted him into my new smaller pallet coffin. YouTube - New Coffin Situp - Halloween Prop
  5. Static: Pallet Toe Pincher Coffin

    Halloween Props
  6. Atmosphere Effects: what to do with this coffin ?

    Halloween Props
    Recently i set up a thread discussing must have props in a graveyard scene. http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/92718-must-have-props-graveyard-scene-help.html There were lots of great ideas but what seemed to pop up most was the need for a coffin. So i set to work and now i have my...
  7. Terrifying Transportation for Halloween

    Once around the pumpkin patch! Convenient for all those Vampires...you never even need get out of bed. A Perilous "Alien" themed ride.... You can be COOL & creepy when cruising the cemetary!
  8. Mechanical: Windshield Wiper Motor Prop Help!

    Halloween Props
    EDIT: "Hmm maybe I should mention that I'm 18 and have no experience with motors, thus the reason I was asking for help. Any other suggestions? Maybe something that can utilize the the full rotation of the wiper motor?" I am about to acquire a windshield wiper motor and I had an idea in mind...
  9. Static: How Deep?

    Halloween Props
    As you may know already...I am building a coffin table to hold a Bucky. What I need to know is how deep is the prop? Meaning if I lay it down, how tall is it's highest point? I need to plan the sides. I have 6" stock but think it might not be tall enough for a full sized skeleton to lay in. I...
  10. Prop Showcase: MIAB Coffin

    Halloween Props
    Here is my Monster in a Box Coffin made with a lid opener kit and PicoBoo controller from FrightProps.com. (along with a PIR motion sensor) This video is the coffin without fog, but it will have fog on Halloween night. The sound I made for the coffin can be downloaded here. The coffin design...
  11. Prop Showcase: Ultra Cheap & Easy Unearthed Coffins UPDATE!

    Halloween Props
    I finally finished the first uprooted coffin. Here is a pic. More pics and details are listed under the original Thread. "Ultra Cheap & Easy Unearthed Coffins" All comments welcomed! Chris
  12. Prop Showcase: What I do on Sundays ... AKA My Coffin Build

    Halloween Props
    Well, I just got finished with my newest prop build. I've been wanting to make a coffin for some time now, but I never thought I could pull it off. It looked way too intimidating. Boy, was I wrong! It is actually way easier than it looks. I have had Scare FX's tutorial on how to make them...
  13. Prop Showcase: Ultra Cheap & Easy Unearthed Coffins

    Halloween Props
    This is my first post her so I hope I do it right. Being a DJ I recently noticed that my speaker boxes oddly resemble the shape or top of an old Toe pincher or coffin of some sort. So I decided to paint them with some wood grain effects and see what it would look like. Here are the pics...
  14. Static: coffin (stone varient of spookyblues method)

    Halloween Props
    Hey folks, Thought I'd share a prop I'm currently working on. We're going with a Vampire theme this year, and need a coffin for us to sleep in. So, resisting all urges to make a perfect coffin, I decided to follow spooky blue's method. (Actually, my wife had to break me from perfection to get it...
  15. Pallet wood toe-pincher Coffin

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I had a bunch of pallets and I thought they would make great wood to make an old-looking coffin. Here is what DH and I have gotten done so far. It will eventually be a MIB pneumatic. When I get to that stage I will start another thread. OK, here goes my first tutorial: To make this I used 4...
  16. Other: Coffin Drink Cooler

    Halloween Props
    My husband built these coffins for last year's party. The kids loved them! One was an insulated drink cooler and the other we used to hold candy. http://halloweenforum.com/picture.php?albumid=212&pictureid=1985