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coffin build

  1. coffin done 2.jpg

    coffin done 2.jpg

    The finished look.....
  2. coffin minus handles 2.jpg

    coffin minus handles 2.jpg

    The coffin minus the handles...
  3. Static: DIY Coffin Build

    Halloween Props
    So this year I purchased a rotting corpse from Distortions Unlimited and I needed a coffin to display it. Let me just say, there are NOOOO decent coffins to purchase retail! I searched because I didn’t want to build it this year. Well, I ended up having to build one. I’m glad I did because it...
  4. Static: First Coffin

    Halloween Props
    Finished my first toe-pincher coffin this past weekend. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I used the plans found on the ScareFX site (http://www.scarefx.com/project_coffin_2.html), but the dimensions didn't work out for me. I had to keep recutting the boards to fit. I had some...
  5. A Near Real Toe Pincher Vampire Coffin - Built for me to lie in

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi all, For those asking about the coffin picture I posted and asking about how its made ... here are some in progress pictures. It is basically heavy guage plywood screwed together, metal straps assisting holding the pieces together ... painted, gloss black, exterior polyurethane gloss ...
  6. DiResta Coffin Build

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is a little late in season, but here’s something that may give people some inspiration on their next coffin build. This is a video from Jimmy DiResta. He and his brother John used to be on a few reality shows where they’d build stuff from scratch and sell them. They basically showcased what...