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  1. Shallow Grave Cemetery - 2015 Haunt Display

    General Halloween
    Do to a deluge of rain (9 inches over two days) the eves before Halloween I could not display my cemetery this year and nearly wasn't able to have any display, but the Haunt must go on. I was only able to install the spider lair which includes various cocoon victims and a couple of life size...
  2. ODDS and ENTRAILS - Photos from this year prop builds

    General Halloween
    do not disturb hay girl my pretties some assembly required waiting ENJOY !!!
  3. Prop Showcase: Thanks for everyone's how-to's...really helped a lot this year, here's some pics

    Halloween Props
    Sorry about the dark video...I used the tut for the pin LED's to illuminate the tombstones and cemetary columns and they perfect for lighting but not enough for the camera. Thanks again for all the help from the great tutorials on the site.