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  1. General Halloween
    Just wondering what people like to use to make cobwebs. There are several options on the market: - cheap stretchy cobwebs in all the retail stores - drill powered web guns such as Morris - air powered web guns such as Webcaster and Black Widow - other? If you have experience with any of these...
  2. Halloween Props
    Recently made a diy web spinner, very pleased with the results! The pics don't do it justice, trying to find a better lighting source so I can get some cooler pictures. Hope you enjoy!
  3. General Halloween
    I had an idea... An inexpensive way to spread the Hallowe'en spirit to your neighbors. If you can afford it, I urge you to do it. Here it is. Buy one package of fake cobwebs, even if it's from the dollar store, for each of the neighbors on your block and place it at their front door or in...
1-3 of 3 Results