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  1. General Halloween
    The record for most Forum members online was set last year in April 2014. We have over 50K in members, and it would be great to see that old record fall, especially on Halloween. Though I know everyone will be busy today, if you could sign in sometime mid-day (12 noon for west coasters is 3pm...
  2. General Halloween
    Check back for these because they are currently sold out. ThinkGeek has brain slice coasters for only $19.99. When they are stacked together, you get a 3D view of a brain. Great for your next zombie party or laboratory scene...
  3. For Sale By Merchants
    Hey everyone :) So over the weekend I got my Ouija Board stamp in the mail and couldn't wait to make coasters! I'm having a sale going on until Halloween night - Use PROMO CODE: Spooky1 to get $2.00 off your purchase. Please check it out at the link below. :D Product: Ouija Board Coaster Set...
1-3 of 3 Results