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  1. Mechanical: Human Rotisserie

    Halloween Props
    So, I have my hot coals, and I have my skeleton, and I want to build a human sized rotisserie. I have seen a couple of them on here before, but I can't find them. Are there any good DIYs for a skeleton-sized rotisserie? The basic model in my head is scrap wood and PVC pipe (seems like it...
  2. Prop Showcase: My interactive cauldron

    Halloween Props
    For my birthday this year I was given this awesome looking metal cauldron, so my brain immediately went to work on how to best incorporate it into our display. We have the rising swamp hag coming out of a stump in our bayou area, so I decided it made most sense next to her. Our bayou area is a...
  3. Mechanical: Cauldron (Zombie) Creep

    Halloween Props
    Thought I would give this build a try and so far its working well. Im mostly following the guide of Devils Chariot. http://devilschariot.blogspot.com/p/cauldron-creep-30.html I used a Deer motor for the head movement. A Wiper motor in the cauldron. I have a 4 inch gap under the motors plate...
  4. Static: Radioactive Bone Pit

    Halloween Props
    I made a lot of progress tonight on a prop I'm pretty excited about: my radioactive bone pit. The idea I'm going for is that a glob of radioactive waste has cracked through the crust and burbled to the surface, carrying with it the irradiated bones of some poor bastard. There will be a...
  5. Dunk Booth Converted to Witch Cauldron

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    So here's the idea. Our rescue squad is hosting a Haunted Trail for a fundraiser. We have a dunk booth we plan to convert to a witch's cauldron. Tank area to have 1 or 2 kids inside, screaming for help (too sick?). The tank won't have water in it. Was thinking about wrapping the tank with...
  6. Building a portal from hell.

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Building a portal from hell. Edited basically done the project Edited to add a list of supplies, links and approximate cost for the project if anyone is interested. Devils mask and hands, I got them for %50 off after Halloween. Listed as $35 and $10. Obviously there is a ton of other...
  7. Static: firepit for witches cauldron

    Halloween Props
    I got around to making a firepit for my witches cauldron this year. I totally ripped the idea off of a couple of tutorials I found on this site. Props to Riverborder, loach160, and jpbailey1for your tutorials...
  8. Static: Burnt at The Stake (ongoing)

    Halloween Props
    I am very excited about this prop, so i'm going to post pics along the way. i need a fullsize skeleton. I am searching for a cheap one as i want to keep this prop affordable, I've been able to find some online for the $20 range but am always defeated by ridiculous shipping charges... Here are...
  9. Mechanical: Cauldron Creep

    Halloween Props
    My 2013 Cauldron Creep made with a bucky
  10. Glowing coals effect

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Cheap, easy, but mine you cannot replace the bulbs. But the price is so cheap who cares. Built on the same foam idea as others but without the whiffle balls, ping-pong balls etc. Pictorial begins now. Soda bottle tops & bottoms. Place bottle caps & bottoms on orange lights Add spray...