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  1. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for Halloween clown items. If you have anything that you're willing to sell, let me know!! Examples of the type of stuff I'm looking for:
  2. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for KKFOS masks. Wether it be the Don post, Death Studios or Bump in the Night Productions masks, I'm interested! Thank you for reading this!
  3. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am going to be a clown for Halloween and wanted to make my own accordion collar, J Von Stratton made a video I wish to follow, but I can't spend $30 on a roll of crinoline paper and need something that would still hold its shape or is similar. The tutorial is here, . Thanks if you help!
  4. Halloween Props
    Hey All! I recently picked up one of these Morbid Enterprise Clowns. It was a used prop... and most of the wires were no longer soldered on to the board. Would anyone happen to own this, if so, would you be able to take some photos/video of the wiring on the boards. Thank you!
  5. Halloween Props
    I need advice here. I am far from artistically inclined, and my clown entrance looks terrible. Now, I've been considering just totally repainting it in a different style and everything, but before I do that, does anyone have any ideas on how to improve/add more detail to it? Thanks!
  6. Halloween Props
    This year I’m adding an evil/creepy clown/doll room do my haunted house. I hope to have a dozen scary dolls as well as several clowns ranging from small to ginormous including a huge full size 2-clown animatronic. Anyhow, I just came into possession of these two lovely clown dolls and am seeking...
  7. Pennywise Clown Halloween 2019

    Halloween at the Belantis amusement park 2019
  8. Pennywise Clown Halloween 2019

    Halloween at the Belantis amusement park
  9. Halloween 2019 - Pennywise Clown

    Halloween at the Belantis amusement park
  10. Halloween Props
    Check out the clown gyrating on the chair at the 7:37 mark of this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4n8ypsaLkE&feature=youtu.be How is this done? Is there any instructable (e.g. youtube) I can search to help me? - Vlad
  11. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Stabo the clown FS $120 plus shipping. Thanks Cory
  12. General Halloween
    Last year I did a Creepy Clown Carnival. It was mostly static because I got the wrong size motor for my wheel of death. This year I want to build a parachute drop ride with zombie babies riding on umbrella/parachutes. My issue is I can not find any plans or anyone who has attempted this. Has...
  13. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I built this Clown Entrance for a Halloween party last year. It turned out fantastic. The eyes rotate, using cheap motors I picked up from Princess Auto. I projected the image and air brushed onto plywood. I didn't build it to be self standing (but you could)....for our purpose it was...
  14. Wanted to Buy
    Hi, looking for a Spirit halloween Hugz Clown prop. It's a 2018 prop and i don't know if it come back for 2019 so i'm taking a chance to find it used for next season haunt. Make me your offer.
  15. Halloween Props
    Custom Trike for Attraction Line Entertainment Estimated ETA: June Current: awaiting axle 36' Axle w/ 20" Tires -Delivered 20" Tires -Possible front end Electric Tire Bench Seat Battery Air Reservoir w/quick connect -sneak up scares would be difficult...
  16. Wanted to Buy
    Also looking to see if anyone has animated Palm Bleeder clown for sale?
  17. Wanted to Buy
    Anyone have a Wacky Mole Clown for sale?
  18. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Really like Kris Sanders clown masks: facebook slash fsksfx
1-19 of 191 Results