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  1. Store Sightings & Group Buys
    Halloween Baby Clothes Haul!! 🎃🎃🎃
  2. Halloween Props
    Determined to pull off the dino theme this year and working on an idea for an electric fence to cordon off areas where I will be using AtmosFear's Dino Experience projections for "live" dinosaurs. I'm trying to keep the cost down, easy construction (limited tools), materials need to fit in my...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hello all! Anyone else pining for the season? This year's haunt theme is the last voyage of Frankenstein's ship. We plan on converting the front porch into a ship and turning the front yard into an arctic sea. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on creating icebergs, lit from within. My initial...
  4. Halloween Props
    Had some time over the weekend, 1 foam mango + some clay + some doll hair + some paint + some old clothes =
  5. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey, I got everything that you see in the picture except the suit, where can I find this? Like I could do grey, green, or blue. But I cant find anything like that
  6. Halloween Props
    I have this 1/2 mannequin that I have no idea what to do with. Last year I sat it in a chair in clothes. So it just looked like an headless guy. It was boring. Does anyone have a better idea of what I could maybe do with it? The arms stay behind its back. I can move them forwards if it has a...
  7. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Selling a like new custom lullaby got her for 2016 used her for 2 hours then put her away she is in my Halloween 2016 video, I had this one custom painted by ed Edmunds and had her clothes distressed as well. I asked this to be custom because I did not like how the ones came from painted...
  8. Member Introduction
    Anyone made a standing head turning prop? Trying to miniaturize the components using a windshield wiper motor but the mechanism keeps catching on the chicken wire or clothes? Thanks:)
  9. Halloween Costume Ideas
    For Halloween this year I don't want a super elaborate costume, I was just thinking of buying some big black ram's horns and black feather wings, and just wearing regular (but again black, because color coordination and whatever) clothes apart from the horns and wings. I may buy a cheap t-shirt...
  10. Halloween Props
    I bought a headless fiberglass mannequin and a creeper bust this thing was huge and heavy it fit right over the neck stump perfectly still looking for his clothes here is how he looks so far:) First pic is of my bust I have.
  11. Halloween Props
    Hi, I want to put these witches out this year. The problem is after they're on the wig head you can see into the eye and nose holes. What is the best way to cover those? Also, is there a way to weatherproof their clothes or should I not worry about it since they're stank witches? Thanks!
  12. Wanted to Buy
    Along the lines of deadeye. Not looking for rare or expensive props. I am looking for talking animated pirate type props. If you have anything fairly inexpensive let me know. Hope I'm not asking too much. I am also looking for used pirate clothes to dress up some props I have. Thanks in advance.
  13. Halloween Props
    Hello! I built a ground breaker and I am having problems keeping his clothes on during the animation cycle. I was wondering how everyone keeps clothes on these types of animated props: Velcro, rivets, safety pins? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks! Lantz
  14. Member Introduction
    Hi! My name is Megan, I am new to the forum. Just moved to Nebraska from Texas. I have loved Halloween from a very young age. I am the only one in my immediate family who does. My husband thinks it is childish and my son is too young to understand it (although he does love the free candy). I...
  15. Makeup
    Working on a micro budget short horror movie and need a recipe, or source, for non staining blood. Scenes will have blood splatter on table, wall, and photo, as well as on actors. Would like something that will not stain skin, clothes, or location. Blood does not have to last long, but must...
  16. Halloween Props
    I want to thank everyone here for the awesome information and inspiration. After seeing the tutorial on the monster mud reaper I had to try it. He stands about 7'6" tall. I built the hand from a clothes hanger and instamorph and the skull only cost me $15.:D
  17. Halloween Props
    Does anybody have good tips for how to age/stain fabric? I'm thinking more like spotty stains and not a complete garment change. Is spraying strong tea/ coffee the best way to go? Will it run/drip or be absorbed? Does cotton/polyester/synthetics all stain differently? I need to do clothes, but...
  18. Halloween Props
    I am trying to rebuild my flying demon roof prop. I move a lot and it didn't quite look right next time. I am needing some ideas on how I can rebuild this guy so that I can take him apart at the end of the season, and how to mount him to the roof. I want him leaning out over my driveway with...
  19. Halloween Props
    For all of you that make pvc frame figures with masks as prop heads. What do you guys do for necks? To give it some girth and color. I have used the shirt collars or other pieces of clothes to cover the pvc neck. But I want to try something different. Any ideas are welcome.
1-19 of 20 Results