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  1. 2019 Witch Theme

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We're going to Salem, MA in Sept 2019 so I've decided to do a witch theme for my party next year. I just decided in the last couple of days and I'm really excited about it but I haven't really thought about doing this theme before. (I have a vision for the decor which is how I know I'll end up...
  2. Static: Need suggestions for coffin interior

    Halloween Props
    Doing your basic coffin with a static skeleton inside. What else could I put in it? I've thought of Creepy Cloth, stretch web, dead leaves, and spanish moss. Any other ideas?
  3. Static: Final witch forest prop of the year

    Halloween Props
    Made one last witch lantern post for the front yard set. Took the pics against a canvas drop cloth so the detail shows up a bit better. Stands about 4 ft tall. http://www.halloweenforum.com/members/jdubbya-albums-witch-lantern-post.html
  4. Static: what sticks to what?

    Halloween Props
    I have two projects in mind and would like input on what sticks to what better. First is a smooth Styrofoam ball, if you were going to cover it with something what is better, spackle, cloth dipped in paint? I'm trying to stay away from paper mache as it takes so long to dry here. Outside project...
  5. Static: Upgrading Ghosts?

    Halloween Props
    With my major house project wrapping up (new front porch), it's time to start planning for Halloween! Past three years I've used tomato cages upside down and a white plastic table cloth wrapped around them to make ghosts. I use the same tomato cages for Christmas trees (after some reshaping)...
  6. Static: What cloth is used to make creepy cloth???

    Halloween Props
    Can anyone tell me the kind of cloth that is used to make creepy cloth? A lot of people have said cheese cloth but I use cheese cloth all the time & it's pretty flimsy compared to the creepy cloth. The weave is very similar but the threading is much larger with the creepy cloth. I'm open to any...
  7. Fabric Dyeing Large Sheets of Cloth Questions

    Halloween Crafts
    Hey all, For my haunt this year I'm working on some skeletal scarecrow props. I want to cloak them with actual cloth, not monster mud, so that the cloth moves in the wind. I have some extra white sheets that are torn, and would look perfect on the props. Howevever, I don't want them to be...
  8. Cheese Cloth

    Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for larger quantities of cheap cheesecloth. Does anyone have a source?
  9. Backdrop Question

    General Halloween
    So I am building a old farm house in the front yard this year 16×8. I've already built the panels and just haven to put them together when the time comes. The thing is I have a two story house behind it so I'm trying to do something to take the attention off of it. I know at night I can focus...
  10. Static: Barbie Doll Creepy Cloth!

    Halloween Props
    Yesterday my youngest daughter (8) made my heart swell with pride. She said, "Hey dad, remember how you said not to throw anything away until you make sure you can't use it for something else?" Remembering the many times I've told my girls and wife this I told her that I did remember, "Why?"...
  11. My Very First Haunted Crypt is Nearly Done!

    General Halloween
    In a minute I'm flying down to Wal Mart for some gray paint and then over to the Dollar Tree for some more creepy cloth, and when I get back, I'll be able to put the final touches on my first walk-through crypt, which, along with the cornfield we made is a major addition to Rose's Haunted...
  12. Black Fabric

    Halloween Props
    Where can I get some black fabric fairly cheap? I was planning to cover 3-4 boxes with it and drape creepy cloth over them.
  13. A Busy Day and Night.. then the battery died!

    General Halloween
    The battery on my Spook-mobile which was to be in a parade 17 miles away at 9:30 that morning, as I am finding a dead battery in the car at 2am, that same morning and it's a Holiday, nothing will be open. Plan "B". I cobbled together a display of sorts on my 2008 Jeep Wrangler. The weather...
  14. Camouflage your Haunted Creation

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Camouflage Burlap, Cloth or Camouflage Netting can all be used to give your Halloween Creation that old ,outdoor or hidden effect. We still have tons of all three in many styles and width/lengths. Shipping time is typically 1-2 business days on these items so there is still plenty of time to...
  15. Camouflage Netting for Halloween!

    For Sale By Merchants
    The Barre Army Navy Store carries a wide variety of Camouflage Netting, Camouflage Cloth and Burlap for your "Spooky" Creations! Discounts are listed under the items for larger yardage. New this year we have also put together some "Halloween Costume Sets" !!! Lets Get Spooky !!! Camo Netting and...