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  1. General Halloween
    We moved "back" into the country last year, and we know that we won't get any trick or treaters. We won't even be home for it. We go to a friend's neighborhood where the houses are close together and more kid-friendly.
  2. Member Introduction
    Hello Everyone I'm Hellscape from the Ottawa valley, I look forward to participating on this forum, Halloween is getting close, are you excited yet? ;)
  3. General Halloween
    We went to Rogers GArdens today and saw live and in=person the Lord Display large frame from Katherine's Collection. It is gorgeous. I also love the Countess. DH says I can buy them. Altogether, they will come to close to $2k. Would you? It's a lot of money for a Halloween prop...but...
  4. Wanted to Buy
    I have been unsuccessful contacting Minions Web. Curious if anyone has ordered from them this season and if so have you received product. Anyways I was looking to order a few Par 72 and 50 LED's. If Cory has decided to close Minions I am hoping someone can offer a recommendation that is on...
  5. Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, I'm looking for advice on a projector. I plan on projecting one of the ghosts from http://atmosfx.com/collections/atmosfearfx/products/ghostly-apparitions onto a mostly translucent piece of plastic that will cover a door way. I want to do rear projection at an angle (to hide the...
  6. Halloween Props
    I'm considering ordering the Undead Granny prop from Spirits site but am still undecided. I have never seen the prop up close and have heard mixed reviews. So my questions are 1: if you own it what are your impressions of it? 2: does anyone have a non-stock photo of it so I can see exactly what...
  7. Halloween Props
    Just saw this and had to share. Magician stationed between a black curtain background and a scrim curtain with a spot light shining down on him.. so cool! You can see the curtain on close ups (47 seconds and again when fireball leaves his hand and floats around ) but it is really well done...
  8. Announcements / Press Releases
    For all my Halloween friends out there I have a bunch of Halloween stuff I am giving away hopefully you're close by. I've got a bunch of bottles I've got some props all the people on here have been very good to me and very helpful so I'd like to give back a little bit I am having a yard sale...
  9. Halloween Props
    I saw this creepy cool prop for sale wanted to know what you guys think I love the wings and movement I contacted the seller and they said they paid close to 15 grand they want 5200 is that a good deal? He said the feathers are real ostrich feathers dyed black. She is pretty big as well. Let...
  10. General Halloween
    As I mentioned in another post, today was our town's Pumpkin Festival. We live relatively close to where it was being held, and a photographer from the local newspaper was walking around to the close neighborhoods, snapping photos of the houses that were decorated for Halloween. As I've also...
  11. Halloween Props
    Started with a box of misc broken trophies from a Garage Sale $2.... Added a super hot glue gun, thrift & $1 store finds.... and here we are! A few close ups This one is a tea light holder Hope my guests enjoy them! Super excited! :D
  12. Halloween Props
    I am using the Casa fabric and an Epson 740hd projector. Even on economy mode, is it too bright? I just need everyone's opinion. Halloween is getting close. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7te081SIUUE
  13. Member Introduction
    Just looking around for images and ideas. We have about a half acre to utilize this year and I'm super excited. We have plans to do a large cemetery but ran into a fencing problem. We have neighborhood kids and I don't want them coming in and either messing things up or getting hurt. I love what...
  14. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    SOLD! I am selling my entire Lemax Spookytown collection. I have every item from 2000-2006, many of which are retired & no longer available. All houses are in their original boxes except one which is damaged. All together, they are worth close to $2500 (houses, figurines, accessories/extras)...
  15. Halloween Props
    I thought it was about time I get started on a couple new props. So, I got the mechanical bugs worked out on this one and it sure looks like he's doing push ups. Close to what I was going for, I'll post another video when finished.
21-36 of 51 Results