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  1. Other "Crystal Ball" Craft

    Halloween Crafts
    Sorry, for the picture quality. I tried to get decent ones but it was a challenge. Did this craft in the public library last October. Pre-painted wood candlesticks with black gel stain then provided patrons with clear glass ornaments and Halloween images printed onto transparency paper...
  2. Other: Not just another Madamme Leota

    Halloween Props
    I'm planning a Leota crystal ball effect this year. I created this Leota effect which I'll project onto a blank head inside a crystal orb. This projection starts out black as the Ghost host beckons Leota to help materialise the spirits, She appears, does her thing, and vanishes as the Ghost...
  3. Happy Halloween!

    General Halloween
    I hope you're all ready for the big day! I wish you all clear skies and no wind.... Have fun today!
  4. Static: Just made this from a box from Kohl's...

    Halloween Props
    My husband got an order from Kohl's yesterday and I couldn't help noticing that the box seemed to be tombstone shaped so of course I made it into a tombstone to stand up in my coffin. A little black paint, a little of that stone texture spray, some clear acrylic sealant and a few styrofoam...
  5. Mechanical: Madame Zaltana Trouble shooting HELP!

    Halloween Props
    I purchased the MZ animated prop from grandin road last year after halloween. I opened her up and put her together about a month ago, everything worked fine. She's sat in my living room (but not plugged in) since, while I got my garage haunt ready. I am now all set up & plugged her in today...
  6. Atmosphere Effects: HELP!!! Need some advice on UV Paint, Please and Thank You

    Halloween Props
    I am currently building a prop made from plastic, much of which will be made from that 7mil clear drop cloth plastic that so many of us use to corpse our skeletons. I need a GOOD UV reactive spray paint, preferably in Matte White, but it needs to glow brightly under florescent UV black lights. I...
  7. Pneumatic: Skelly Coffin Groundbreaker WIP

    Halloween Props
    This is my pneumatic version of a Skelly Coffin Groundbreaker. It's a work in progress, static portion is complete, still have to do the controls and audio. Top of the coffin is 42", the top of the skelly's head is at 3 feet. He's mounted to a 4-bar linkage that when triggered, he jumps out and...
  8. Happy Friday the 13th

    General Halloween
    We have a guest speaker in class today at the High School I work at: He even helps with bus duty: ...and keeps our halls clear So happy Friday the 13th!
  9. Electronic/Software: Projecting on Clear

    Halloween Props
    I was wondering if anyone is projecting onto a clear surface? When we first got a projector we tried projecting onto a glass window and you could kinda/sorta see the image but not very well. We're seeing videos where people hang a clear sheet of some kind in a doorway and project on it, and I...
  10. Mechanical: 1995 Trendmasters Gargoyle Doornocker

    Halloween Props
    I found a great animated gargoyle doorknocker at a yard sale. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. When I unscrewed the back, I saw that a wire was loose but I don't know where to reconnect it. My photos didn't turn out clear enough to post, so I am hoping someone is familiar enough to help me with...
  11. Some of my drawings

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hi All, wanted to show some of my drawings. I hope you like them. I included a couple of side by side pics with the pictures I used for reference. I took pics of these drawings with a digital camera, they were not scanned, so some detail was lost and they are not as clear as the actual drawings...
  12. Static: Tape Ghost Successor for 2017!

    Halloween Props
    My first project is going to be replacing my old tape ghost who only lasted 2 years. I ordered a clear mannequin which should be showing up tomorrow (!) that I bought with birthday gift cards from my mother in law. My plan is to get some fancy damask pattern clear/translucent shower...
  13. DIY Dog Halloween Costume: Tim Hortons Coffee Cup

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Get your day started with a double-double dog! Oscar’s take on the Canadian classic beverage is sweet, and will perk up your Halloween! We’ve saved the best for last… and we’re going to savor this cup of Oscar! Tim Hortons, aka Timmies, is the coffee brew of choice in our home. And we’d like to...
  14. Looking for a transparent female half mannequin

    Wanted to Buy
    I have found new ones online but was wondering if anyone has seen one cheaper that are used. I want to make my tape ghost permanent. Clear worbla would be as if not more expensive and vac forming PETG is not in my current bag of tricks. With a clear torso, arms and head I could make her ball...
  15. Prop Showcase: Props We Made

    Halloween Props
    Just under 6 foot tall, and made of 1/2 inch thick plywood. Clear coated to withstand the weather and ready for Halloween
  16. Keep getting redirected.

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I don't know if it's just my computer or what, I don't seem to be having any problems with any of the other sites but every so often when I maneuver through the site it stops connecting and tries redirecting me to facebook and asks me to clear my cookies. Clearing just the halloween forum...
  17. Static: Help finding clear plastic domes for helmets

    Halloween Props
    We're going with an alien theme for this year's yard decorations and I'm planning on making some nasty space creatures. I have a few designs that would look a lot better with a clear plastic dome helmet. Either a complete dome like these in Mars Attacks or just a partial dome like a typical...
  18. Other: Where to buy clear platic pipe?

    Halloween Props
    I'm attempting to build a version of the old "magic floating faucet" trick on a slightly larger scale, but to do so I need a long, hard, clear plastic pipe, hopefully around 1/4" diameter. Basically a longer version of this: Does anyone know where I might be able to find it? Home Depot seems...
  19. Static: Ghost By the door

    Halloween Props
    [ATTACH=CONFIG]Its not quite complete yet but wanted post pics anyways !! I'm going to have him set up by the front door under black light. Once completed I'm going to spray him with a clear coat that is reactive to UV light. It will make it glow an intense white!
  20. Other: Clear matte finish weather proofing for large wall panels?

    Halloween Props
    I have 3 large 4 X 8 wall panels that I need to weather proof. I need the coating to be a clear matte finish and relatively easy to apply to large surfaces. I did a search on the forum and saw that clear polyurethane is often used for small projects. Can it be used for large projects? If so...