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  1. Thank You lizzyborden!

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    Greetings lizzyborden, I just wanted to start a thread thanking you for all the work you have done in this section. I remember back when you sent me the message inquiring about taking it over, I'm so glad you did. We had so much fun when Larry agreed to let me start this section but then I got...
  2. No NHC This Year, Where Else Can I Go?

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    If you haven't seen/heard NHC is not happening again this year. I loved NHC, because it was only a two hour drive away for me. There were vendors and classes for home and pro, and it focused on Halloween not just horror. Now it looks like it may be dead, and I'm at a loss. Like most haunters...
  3. HAuNTcon 2016

    Hauntcon 2016 will be in Birmingham, AL Jan. 28-Feb 1st. How about going on a Preshow Tour on Jan. 27th and 28th? The 2016 Preshow Inspiration Bus Tour includes admission to 15 different haunted attractions, a cavern, antebellum plantation house and The Walking Dead movie locations, two...
  4. FX Art Classes in Chicagoland - Fall 2011 Schedule

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hey Halloween Forum, For those of you interested in or around Chicago, IL, I wanted to let you know about some FX courses that I am teaching out of my new 2600 sq ft studio/workshop in Westmont, IL. http://www.kosarteffects.blogspot.com/p/classes.html Just in time for Halloween, be sure to...