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  1. Electronic/Software: Need help identifying circuits

    Halloween Props
    I found these two circuit boards with a box of electrical components I have for Halloween props but have no idea what they are for. They were with a bucky skull, deer motor and wiper motor. It looks like they have leds but I have no idea what they're for or where I got them from. Any HELP...
  2. Mechanical: Help making a talking skull circuit board for multiple servos

    Halloween Props
    Hi, so I just decided I want to do some talking/ singing tiki heads this year. I went through monsterguts.com and the scary terry talking skull tutorials, but was sad to see that the pre-built circuit boards are not yet available/ out of stock. Basically, I want to do what you see in the...
  3. How to solder a bare circuit board

    I am no electronics wiz! I would like to know a bit more about how to build a bare circuit board....maybe to build a trigger of some type. I know a little about soldering, but not enough to build something with out melting a lot of stuff. What wattage iron to use? How to go about assembly...