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  1. Electronic/Software: chuckles the clown

    Halloween Props
    Anyone have the life size Chuckles the clown prop from gag studios I want to get him but he is expensive in the $400 range. They also have the waving Chuckles.
  2. Zombie Knievel

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    SPFX zombie mask and genuine daredevil leather jumpsuit. still need to add "chuckles and Harley number one patches.
  3. wanted chuckles

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello was wondering if anyone had a chuckles the clown for sale? Thanks Joe
  4. Our entire collection-FOR SALE

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Sorry everyone. My husband has decided he can not part with his halloween items. We have decided to keep them. Thanks though and good luck to everyone!