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  1. Static: Pumpkin Sentinels - 2018

    Halloween Props
    Hello Fellow Haunts! So this was my big project for last year. I added a back row to my archway as well, but I wanted to create something new and exciting! I built these two Jacko Sentinels to guard my back yard during the October season. They are built with a PVC frame and base. I used...
  2. 2018 One-car Garage Haunt -- Video Posted on YouTube!

    General Halloween
    Finally got around to posting something to YouTube! I had about 200 visitors and maybe 100 walked through my haunt. It's not too scary, I keep it fairly tame as we have a lot of young children. Still it was a lot of fun to put together... Enjoy! :D
  3. Halloween Haunts & Terror Tales Volume I

    For Sale By Merchants
    :cool::cool::cool:TERROR FROM TORONTO TO TUSCON:cool::cool::cool: https://jcgreening.bandcamp.com/album/halloween-haunts-terror-tales-volume-i-trick-r-treating-for-children Do you remember those old 80's Halloween cassette tapes that you used to put into your home stereo and crank up through...
  4. Pneumatic: Toys in the attic

    Halloween Props
    I got this cool old trunk a while back for cheap and thought I would make it into a gruesome toy box for my children. There's one now hiding in the corner. "][/URL] Here's a couple pics of the fitting out. The plywood will be covered with a layer of kids mutilated toys ond one special one yet...
  5. How to prevent unsupervised children from tearing up childrens’ haunt?

    General Halloween
    I am in the process of redesigning a childrens’ haunt at a local orchard. The big problem is that they allow the children to go through unsupervised, from young to teen-agers. They tear up everything they can get to. We have built cages around the scenes, but that hasn’ stopped them. Any...
  6. Come Little Children – The Hanging Tree Creepy Cool Mash-up to Get You In the Mood

    Halloween Music
    Most of you have probably had this dropped into your social media accounts by friends by now. But if you haven't heard this, you'll thank us all for sharing. ;) Spooky Halloween Mashup - Come Little Children & The Hanging Tree - Peter Hollens & Bailey Pelkman...
  7. Halloween Safety Tips for Children

    General Halloween
    1: Walk safely by looking left and right when crossing the road DO NOT use your Smart Phones and other electronic devices while crossing the road. 2: Make Eye contact with the drivers while crossing the road with busy traffic and also teach your children to do that. 3: Always use traffic...
  8. Cards Against Humanity--Halloween Edition!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So last year I posted about possibly creating a Halloween-themed CAH game. Well, based on a few great suggestions here and other CAH sites, along with CAH favorites, and my sick sense of humor, I present to you CAH Halloween Edition! I compiled several different sources and was able to use these...
  9. HAUNTED RADIO: amityville, tales from the crypt, children of the corn, and more!!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    This week on Haunted Radio, we are kicking off our annual 'Summer Of Slaughter' with news on Tales From The Crypt, Amityville: The Awakening, Children Of The Corn, and more!! Then, we review the 1983 shocker 'Sleepaway Camp' and then the Freak returns with the tale of a young woman who is...
  10. Coming Soon.......Refuge 2...Homecoming

    Announcements / Press Releases
    When he returns home to find his children missing, he must venture forth and follow the trail of of his lost children.........
  11. Theme is Monster Mash

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Looking for ideas for games and activities? Party is indoor/outdoor. Adults and Children.
  12. Children Of The Night Dinner With Drac

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/shared/4nxtfi6aaz MORE INFO FROM SCAR STUUF HERE: http://scarstuff.blogspot.com/2006/03/children-of-night-dinner-with-drac.html
  13. Static: All my children

    Halloween Props
    These lovely children are gong to have lots of fun come Halloween. They were a little spooky even before I started changing them. Eventually they will be wearing tattered bloody clothing and feasting on rat stew. Or even raw rats. At least 2 will have some arm movement. The seated one will be...
  14. New to the Forums

    Member Introduction
    Hi All, I am new to the Forums and would like to learn about how to make Halloween stuff for my children. Regards, Frank
  15. CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT new book

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Bad Moon Books has just announced my latest book in my Halloween series called CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT. This is the 3rd installment, which started with MISCHIEF NIGHT, followed by THE WITCHING HOUR. Here's the link, and also some of my other titles are available on their site. This is a...
  16. Some Fun Facts About 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?'

    Horror Discussion
    I stumbled upon this article and thought that perhaps some others here would also be interested, as AYAotD? has quite a following. Despite being aimed toward children, it was a fantastic show and could still be pretty frightening at times...
  17. Grave Tone Productions Vintage Halloween Song new for 2015!

    Halloween Music
    Greetings fellow HORROR Lovers, Just wanted to introduce a new song that we created for a short film we scored....This is a bit of a departure from our typical HORROR Metal stylings of our first two release but we are huge fans of all vintage HALLOWEEN and Horror imagery and music. Please give...
  18. Would anyone know this website...?

    General Halloween
    A loooong time ago (early-mid 2000s probably) I saw this website, it was similar to scary.com but probably a little less kiddish. This is a very vague memory, and I only remember one thing- there was this creepy girl (might've been a vampire or a witch, can't remember) walking down a staircase...
  19. Warmest thanks to all who participate.

    General Halloween
    Halloween is a unique time, in that everyone is given free license to be someone they're otherwise not, and behave in a manner they otherwise wouldn't. With this in mind, I wish to thank all those who participate in the current traditions with an attitude of civility and gratitude: The excited...
  20. Last minute Halloween counting books for kids

    For Sale By Merchants
    This book may help keep kids entertained with Halloween inspired images as they gain practice with counting from one to ten........please feel free toleave a review if you happen to check it out :) Title: Halloween Inspired Counting Author: Stacey Pegram Available for download here at amazon...