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  1. Pneumatic: Can this be made into a pneumatic prop?

    Halloween Props
    I found this chest in neighbor's trash this morning, and I was wondering if my creature dude could be made to slowly come out of the chest as the lid opens? Creature is made of heavy foam and latex, and I'd have to shave a couple inches off the rear for him to fully fit. Even then, his head...
  2. Professional haunt props for sale and animatronics.

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have a custom stitch body prop from ghost ride productions paid $980 had them made him to sit.. he has tons of details and staples they used on his chest $725. Next is a unit 70 crawler prop she is new never used asking $675. I hsve a used krazy kristen works grest asking $1400. Pick up only...
  3. Static: Pirate Treasure Chest

    Halloween Props
    I've been wanting to add a big treasure chest to my Pirate's Graveyard display for a long time now but could never find one that was big enough or at a price I was willing to pay so I finally broke down and built one myself. The chest measures 30x24x18 and cost less than $20 in materials...
  4. Prop Showcase: Pirate ship and treasure chest out of stuff laying around

    Halloween Props
    I looked at my hammock stand and saw a Pirate ship - I had PVC laying around as well as old canvas paint "tarps" . I used torn bed sheets for the sails. I will be adding a fog machine, audio soundtrack for ocean waves, creaky sounds and Pirates as well as torches inside the ship for extra...
  5. Prop Showcase: First time building a pirate treasure chest from pallet wood

    Halloween Props
    Hi all, and thanks for all of your tutorials and shared experience on this site! My passion for scaring the bejesus out kids started in 1980 when I was thirteen, in my front yard, with a home made Grim Reaper costume. It was such fun giving the friends and fellow kids on my block a good scare...
  6. Static: Cropper: Unorthodox "zombie" work in progress

    Halloween Props
    Cropper. 1. a person or thing that crops. 2. a person who raises a crop. 3. a person who cultivates land for its owner in return for part of the crop; sharecropper. 4. a plant that furnishes a crop. 5. a cloth-shearing machine. Idioms 6. come a cropper, Informal. a.to fail; be struck...
  7. Prop Showcase: Bring me the heart of Davy Jones in a treasure chest!

    Halloween Props
    This is one of our new creations. A treasure chest covered in aquatic antiquing. With the heart of Davy Jones inside. Also have a pic of the chest filled with treasure. The treasure chest is made of wood. The barnacles, star fish and the heart are all latex. Hope everyone likes it...
  8. Wanted to buy

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi I'm looking to buy these props for cheap :D Wacky Mole clown Heads up harry clown 2008 mad scientist fat butler tormented zombie chest ripping zombie{either version} Donna the dead {any version} Count vigor Gemmy mummy evil scientist electrified manic Boxes would be nice too:)
  9. Static: Realistic Treasure Chest

    Halloween Props
    Just wanted to show off a very realistic treasure chest that I recently built from wood and PVC. This wasn't for Halloween, but rather a "toy chest" to hold the games that I share with a couple sweet friends at work. Wanted to make it special since it is stored in their office.
  10. Pneumatic: Possesed Treasure Chest aka Monster in a box:

    Halloween Props
    Here's my take on the classic monster in a box. It's a possessed chest! When triggered the chest will light up leaking light from the cracks The padlock will start to rattle and a bit of smoke will seep out of the chest. The chest will then start kicking up and the lid flapping. More smoke...
  11. spirit halloween chest splitting zombie

    Wanted to Buy
    looking for a non working one or damaged one for parts?? anyone have one of these??
  12. Atmosphere Effects: Help with first fog chiller

    Halloween Props
    Well it cost me a lot more than what most internet sites say it will, but I built a fog chiller. I think I am doing something wrong here so I have a bunch of questions. Basically this is what it looks like, the 1000 watt chiller sits on top. All of the piping is 3" except the inside of the chest...
  13. My 2015 Halloween Display

    General Halloween
    Well my display has been up now since Labor Day weekend and finished tweeking it and did our anual video of our display......What changed since last year? Redid our ghost to a crank ghost....modified merlin and his staff (which is now lighted)....redid our old pirate and made a treasure...
  14. Fog: First time using a fog machine

    Halloween Props
    So i have my first fog machine, the 400 watt 1byone on Amazon. I tried using an ice chest and around a 4 foot hose, probably a small vacuum cleaner hose going through it full. I put a good amount of ice in the foam ice chest and turned the machine on. I was definitely underwhelmed. The fog was...
  15. Minotaur Help requested

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Mask Support Help Requested So this is what my husband picked for this year, which is cool but needs a bit of help. I can finagle most anything. Which is good because everything about this needs adjusting. The shoulder piece is HUGE and will need to be taken in. There is no fur around the...
  16. Static: Cool idea for pirate chest out of old pallets..

    Halloween Props
  17. Mechanical: Ahoy Pirates! Davy Jones heart in chest prop (last minute make!)

    Halloween Props
    I always tend to do this, party is on Friday and I get last minute idea so out comes the craft box again! I had seen a Zombie heart costume prop whilst shopping (for £20) and thought I could do this for my Pirates party and make it a Davy Jones heart. I have to admit, I should of took photos...
  18. Chest Splitting Zombie For Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have a vintage Chest Splitting Zombie for sale. It will be shipped in it's original box/crate. It's motion activated and runs on batteries. At one time, it did have a power cord, but I don't have that anymore. It's in really good condition and screams rather convincingly. I am asking 180.00...
  19. Pirate items and scene set up for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Pirate/spanish bottles $20 plus shipping both as pictured are about 1 foot wide by 1 foot high. Made of leather like. Super awesome bottles [ Pirate chest - actual brass candelabra, cloth, beads and chest, some gold coins too. Chest is about 1 foot wide by 8 inches tall. Candelabra real...
  20. Make a Full Size Sleeping Skeleton

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    My Sleeping Skeleton Pirate Last Halloween my wife, Wicked Grandma, saw this sleeping skeleton in a Lakeside Collections catalog. This was a sound activated, sleeping skeleton with a chest that would rise and fall in sync with a snoring sound effect. Thinking it would be a great addition...