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  1. Halloween Props
    Determined to pull off the dino theme this year and working on an idea for an electric fence to cordon off areas where I will be using AtmosFear's Dino Experience projections for "live" dinosaurs. I'm trying to keep the cost down, easy construction (limited tools), materials need to fit in my...
  2. Halloween Props
    I'm sure most of us have seen the flying reaper scare on You Tube. I know he used fishing line and a hexacopter. I want to do This same scare on a much lower level; using a premade lightweight ( 4oz.) Reaper decoration. I am sure I won't need a $1000 hexacopter for his stunt . What would be...
  3. Halloween Costume Ideas
    So I was just realizing that it's almost Halloween and I don't have a costume even thought up yet. I'm thinking I want to do something like a black bodysuit with led strip lights all over. But, having trouble finding things for it. I'm thinking I could do a rgb strip light like this...
  4. Wanted to Buy
    I have an old vampire bat prop that I like to bring out around this time of year. It's probably been 12 years since I got it and it is starting to fall apart probably from taking him out of storage and putting him back. Maybe I can repair the latex, it has a hole on the chin and its feet have...
  5. Halloween Props
    I'm in need of a smaller lightning machine and the Perfect Storm 2.0 (with audio input) seems like the one to get. I have an IZombie unit that I run for the outside lightning and thunder, but I'm going to have lightning in the mad lab and it's too far to tie into the IZombie unit. They have one...
  6. Wanted to Buy
    So who sells the cheapest price skeleton? Thanks!
  7. Wanted to Buy
    I'd like to make two of these for my dinner party (20-22 people). Where would you buy just skulls, the cheapest? Don't want to fork out a million dollars. I've seen the Dollar Tree skulls, but they look pretty crappy...
  8. Halloween Props
    I'm new and for what I'm doing this year I need lots and lots of bones. So I was wondering where the cheapest place to get skeletons would be (they don't have to be put together)? Thank you!
  9. Wanted to Buy
    I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on where to get Chromadepth glasses cheapest.
  10. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Do y'all know where I can find Creepy Cloth/Freaky Fabric at its cheapest? I want to buy quite a bit of it to use, and I'd rather not have to pay $6+ per bolt. Michaels has it, and I think it's about $4.99 there. I know Party City has it, but I can't remember the price. Do you know of any...
1-10 of 12 Results