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  1. Black cat statue in the US??

    Wanted to Buy
    nm ------------
  2. Fixed discord link

    Again I know this is a gamming site, but it would allow us to talk faster on text and voice chat. Halloween https://discord.gg/E3DCFM
  3. WA_BloodyBride

    Member Introduction
    Hi All! Bloody Bride here. I'm a third year (going on four) volunteer for a Washington (State not DC) haunted house. My name is for my character role in the haunt. XD Can't wait to chat it up with other haunters! See ya around! :D
  4. A-Z Chatter

    Alphabetical Conversation Thread - start your post with the letter of the alphabet that comes after the first letter of the poster before you. And, let's begin. Seems quiet in HF today. (next poster start your post with b)
  5. Hi

    Member Introduction
    I'm glad i found this site. Can't wait to chat with other Halloween enthusiasts!
  6. Hey fellow Halloween freaks!

    Member Introduction
    Hey all! My name is Ruka and i am a Halloween freak! I say freak because every year when Halloween gets close, I tend to freak people out when I decorate because of how excited i get over it. I enjoy scaring the living daylights out of people so much, I do it on a weekly basis just for fun on a...
  7. Hi Everyone!

    Member Introduction
    Hi from Iowa! I have always loved Halloween and enjoy getting stuff ready almost two months early. I am looking to chat and bounce ideas off people. Well, happy haunting everyone!
  8. Howdy Halloweeners

    Member Introduction
    Hi, I'm Stephanie. Looking to meet other people as into Halloween as I am. Let's talk.