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    Again I know this is a gamming site, but it would allow us to talk faster on text and voice chat. Halloween https://discord.gg/E3DCFM
  2. Member Introduction
    Hi All! Bloody Bride here. I'm a third year (going on four) volunteer for a Washington (State not DC) haunted house. My name is for my character role in the haunt. XD Can't wait to chat it up with other haunters! See ya around! :D
  3. Hi

    Member Introduction
    I'm glad i found this site. Can't wait to chat with other Halloween enthusiasts!
  4. Member Introduction
    Hey all! My name is Ruka and i am a Halloween freak! I say freak because every year when Halloween gets close, I tend to freak people out when I decorate because of how excited i get over it. I enjoy scaring the living daylights out of people so much, I do it on a weekly basis just for fun on a...
  5. Member Introduction
    Hi from Iowa! I have always loved Halloween and enjoy getting stuff ready almost two months early. I am looking to chat and bounce ideas off people. Well, happy haunting everyone!
  6. Member Introduction
    Hi, I'm Stephanie. Looking to meet other people as into Halloween as I am. Let's talk.
1-7 of 12 Results