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  1. Storage unit full of props for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I’m selling my collection of Halloween props that I have been collecting since 2010 I can tell you what I know i have however I don’t have time to do a detailed inventory unless I find some one who is seriously interested here is a list of things I know for sure most are new still in boxes the...
  2. My Halloween decor for 1018

    General Halloween
    As usual I did a fair bit of decorating for Halloween, which is probably strange since I live out in the country where I have never gotten any trick or treat activity. I continue to do it every year though; I enjoy it. I try to go for more of an Edward Gorey look but not a gory look. The...
  3. WANTED Spirit Halloween uncle Charlie clown

    Wanted to Buy
    Looking for a Spirit Halloween Uncle Charlie clown! Working or not working! Please message me if you have one you would consider selling. Payment by PayPal will need it to be shipped to me in AZ Chris
  4. Uncle Charlie clown

    Wanted to Buy
    I'm looking for a uncle Charlie clown for sale....
  5. Halloween Peanuts funko pops

    General Halloween
    Someone on facebook posted this. I hope I can find the one of Charlie Brown in the ghost costume
  6. Ah Uncle Charlie :( Oh yeah and dr shivers just a bunch of broken stuff

    General Halloween
    Hey guys , I was so excited I found my favorite prop (Uncle Charlie) on Cl for 70 with original box said fully worked :( Well here's the thing the battery pack was not connected to the circut board so I reconnected that and then listen to this the speaker wires needed to be resoldered so I did...
  7. Wanted: Life size uncle charlie halloween prop

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi fellow Haunters, I am looking for the Uncle Charlie prop sold at Spirit Halloween in 2010. I almost won one on eBay yesterday but my computer was so slow and the bid came in 1 second late:( I cannot find one without a ridiculous price of $300 - $400 for one IF I can even find one. I have...
  8. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

    General Halloween
    http://www.watchfree.to/watch-130f2-Its-the-Great-Pumpkin-Charlie-Brown-movie-online-free-putlocker.html Enjoy my friends :)
  9. uncle charlie, scary Halloween mask , classic parasite zombie factory mass production

    For Sale By Merchants
    uncle charlie latex mask, parasite zombie cosplay
  10. Charlie Charlie Challenge/SIx Pencils/Pencil Game

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Has anyone heard of the Charlie Charlie Challenge/SIx Pencils/Pencil Game, that is sweeping tSocial Media, right now. As far as I know, it started this past weekend. It was all over my FB feed yesterday. The most common variant, which is big, is take 2 pencils, and a sheet of paper. Write, "yes...
  11. life size uncle charlie clown animated.

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi, Selling another Uncle Charlie clown prop the other one I had was static and missing pieces, (broken). This one works just fine he is super rare and pretty scary comes in original box as well the box is in ok condition, he is missing his lollipop I used a real one this past Halloween though...
  12. Charlie Sheen Halloween Mask Is....WINNING!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Charlie Sheen Halloween mask is WINNING! Check out this year's hottest costume! Click Here To See It & Buy