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  1. Halloween Music
    I was looking to see if anyone had the Black Zodiac ghost chant from the movie Thir13en Ghosts. I read some previous threads from a few years ago that someone had the audio of that chant but the site is no longer available. Does anyone out there have that audio file and would be willing to...
  2. Halloween Music
    Help! Anyone know of scary "monk chant" or "cult chant" type of music. I couldn't find anything similar in existing posts but I'm looking for like creepy chanting by monks or cult group.... Hopefully nothing that will open a real portal or cause a spell lmao!! Thank you in advance for any help...
  3. General Halloween
    This is a great Poem about How The Jack O'Lantern Came to Be. I found this a couple years ago and the Author is from a magazine called "Mysterious Stranger" by Mark Zahn. Do you have any great Poems/Chants that are your favorite? Jack and the Devil
1-3 of 3 Results