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  1. Escape the Black Widow - SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Two years ago I did an Escape Room in my basement. It was a hit, but I didn't get to enjoy the party because I kept having to go reset the room. Soooo, last year I did a variation. Each guest who wanted to participate was the victim for a designated amount of time. During this time the other...
  2. Davy Jones Costume

    General Halloween
    After 5 years of the Headless Horseman, I feel it is time to change it up. I would like to be Davy Jones, the octopus pirate. I have found a few realistic costumes, but they are expensive, upwards to $3000.00 or more. Anyone here have a used “deluxe” costume or better that they ware willing...
  3. PhotoBucket change of heart?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Just today I was overjoyed to find that the Photobucket image hosting site has returned my pictures to all of my tutorials and posts on this forum. Two or three years ago, they DECIDED that allowing users to post their own pics to a third party web site (like this forum) for free was causing...
  4. 2019 Midwest Haunters Convention

    Midwest Haunters Convention
    I just saw that the Midwest Haunters Convention is going to be in Chicago this year, this should be an interesting change? The Pre-convention bus tours will be different! I just wonder how people are going to react, I have a feeling some are going to like the move while others are going to...
  5. Electronic/Software: Off-the-shelf product, flash a light, change its tempo?

    Halloween Props
    Is there an off-the-shelf product I can plug a lamp into that will flash it to a predetermined tempo I can set and change? Doug
  6. My hearse decorated for christmas

    General Halloween
    As promised here is how i decorated my hears for Christmas my Christmas theme is NBC love how it turned out The count down clock i made has lights in it we can change to different colors . Love how it turned out
  7. Other My version of Nightmare Before Christmas count down clock

    Halloween Crafts
    Here is my version of the NBC count down clock i love how it turned out. I built a wood box Next i paint box and after paint was dry i added the little wood knobs For the face i actual found a clock that would fit inside a grape vine wreath I painted the wreath and edge of clock black...
  8. Mechanical: UK Monster-in-a-box

    Halloween Props
    Hi all, Halloween isn't as popular in the UK as it is in the US, but I'm hopefully going to change that over the next few years as I build my drive / front garden (yard?) display, well at least in my leafy part of West Sussex anyway. I have a lot of prop building experience (R2D2, 2 x Daleks...
  9. Other: Help: PEPPERS GHOST illusion - need some guidance please

    Halloween Props
    I am hoping to get a head start for Halloween 2019. We have started to gather material, plans and concepts for the following - but we are already stuck! Here is a brief overview: The garage is gutted and going to have 3 individual peppers ghost illusions, synced to music. From left to right: 1)...
  10. Mechanical: Motion simulator

    Halloween Props
    Not sure if it was here or on the old interweb but I once came across a website that simulated motion. You could change stuff around like pulleys and bars and it would show the results. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Weather on Halloween?

    General Halloween
    Rain for us...and ONLY on the day of. :rolleyes: Forecast is saying it will take place around sundown(How convenient) But hey, maybe it could change before then...I hope:o
  12. What do you play in your Haunted House?

    Halloween Music
    Looking to change things up in our Haunted House. What do you play in yours? Thanks.
  13. Other: Spark Fence Ideas = Help

    Halloween Props
    We've been doing a spark fence in our Haunt for awhile now. We have someone behind the fence with a chain saw or ax. Looking to change it up this year. Any ideas would be appreciated . Thanks.
  14. Haunted Hearse Lounge Party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So I had to change my theme I brought my trailer home early so that space was now filled so now i am going with Haunted Hearse Lounge ( Where the Drink's Raise the Dead ) my party is on the 13 Here are the invites i made the houses and the invite i glued to the back so was a back drop for...
  15. Old Eyes - AKA Accessibility Questions

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Hi Admin, Frankie’s Girl suggested I bring this up with you guys as we couldn’t solve the problem for me by changing the skin. I’m having trouble reading the tiny white text on the black background and am wondering if you guys are working on a setting that allows me to change the text size and...
  16. Wayfair Halloween 2018

    General Halloween
    Have never been a huge fan of inflatables, I like them okay, but these two might change my mind. https://www.wayfair.com/outdoor/pdp/the-holiday-aisle-animated-skull-radio-inflatable-thly7087.html...
  17. Returning Member

    Member Introduction
    Hi, everyone, I'm Don from Pennsylvania. I've been a member since 2014, but hadn't stopped in much, I'll try to change that this year! :)
  18. Electronic/Software: Controller repair/direction

    Halloween Props
    I have a spirit Halloween animated prop and by accident used the wrong power supply which appears to have killed the voice but all the facial movement all work fine. I'm able to open the controller and wondering if the over load only killed the speaker which i can get and change or is there a...
  19. Important Security Info

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Great News! We are happy to announce we are improving security across our network and adding Secure Sockets Layer or SSL to the site. This means going forward you'll see Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS); the secure version of HTTP, the protocol used to send data between your browser...
  20. cannot change email

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I had roadrunner email. It seems to be dead. Even with tech help, I cannot access it. So I tried to change my email here to my other account, but the only password I thought I had here isn't working. I got signed in automatically. But that doesn't help me change my email. When I try to, the page...