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  1. Scariest scenes in horror movie history

    Horror Discussion
    My picks 1. The Ring - I saw her face, the cut away to Katie in the closet. 2. The Conjuring - Christine sees something in the closet and wakes her sister Nancy to investigate. The audience doesn't see what it is, nor does Nancy, but what Christine sees and describes is terrifying. 3. The...
  2. Mechanical: Moving chandelier

    Halloween Props
    For my haunted mansion I was thinking about adding an old candle lit chandelier. I would love to make it move a little (like swaying from side to side) like a ghost is pushing it. Anybody ever did this or hase an idea on how to do it?
  3. Skull Chandelier

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I found this while perusing Pinterest and knew I had to have one...but because I'm frugal (aka Cheap) I could not justify the $300 price tag...so why not make one?!?! Mine is obviously not as heavy duty as this one and but if you want an inexpensive alternative, this is a great way to get it...
  4. Other My chandelier make over

    Halloween Crafts
    I got this brass chandelier that holds 12 candles and gave it a make over . The purple is not as bright as pic shows the flash was making it bright. Happy with it and will creep it up more once closer to halloween Before After
  5. Lighting: (Show us your) Spooky Chandelier

    Halloween Props
    I finally got around to spookifying our dining room chandelier. I thought it would be fun for others to share their spooky chandeliers too! These are the photos that first inspired me a while ago. Then even Pottery Barn was inspired by those photos, and made a knock off! haha I also...
  6. Electric Chandelier Candleabra

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is a recycle project and was very easy. Materials 1 Hanging dinning room light 1 Floor Lamp JB Weld putty Electrical tape Spray Paint Decor Flicker candle bulbs 1) I started with my old dinning light that was taken down. Flip all the brackets to the opposite direction, take off the...
  7. Prop Showcase: Skeleton Skull Chandelier

    Halloween Props
    Prepping for our Halloween Party: This is our Bar setup so far - The Chandelier is made from foam skulls glued and wired to a quilting hoop (painted ivory and slightly distressed), plastic chain (important note! I have wire running through the fake chain from the hoop to the ceiling to secure...
  8. Lighting: Electric ? Hacking floor lamp and chandelier for electric candleabra....

    Halloween Props
    Electric work scares me. Was wondering if I take the old chandelier from my dinning room flip it upside down onto a floor lamp...splice the wires together and bammmm?! I have a plug in fully electric w switch style candleabra?? Idea looks good in my head and have similar concepts where people...
  9. Static: Chandelier with Severed Head

    Halloween Props
    First new prop of the year for Shadowfang Keep. Uses's 10mm yellow flicker LED's in an array. Enjoy!
  10. chandelier prop for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    selling this detailed chandelier from spirit it has great detail used only 1 time indoors then put away paid 65 for it would do 55 plus shipping I take paypal for payment.
  11. Spirit Halloween Gothic Chandelier (Never Used) and Cemetery Angel

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Sporit Halloween Cemetery Angel New and Never Displayed I also have an Animated Cemetery Angel from Spirit Halloween that I opened and assembled to make sure it works, but never displayed it. I am wanting to sell it as well. It has an AC adapter and foot pad activator. I was going to put this...
  12. Indoor chandelier bulbs in colours??

    General Halloween
    Any body seen bulbs for those hanging chandeliers that come in colors? I have the worlds ugliest chandelier in my living room and orange or flame colour bulbs would be a big improvement...even black light or green. Lol
  13. Creepy Skull Chandelier

    Halloween Props
    I turned Dollar Tree Skulls into Shades for our kitchen chandelier. With the addition of some creepy cloth and chain, we have a really cool looking chandy for our annual Halloween Bash!
  14. Czech Republic 'Bone Church'

    General Halloween
    Please forgive me if anybody has posted previous threads on this subject. I came across this travel blog and had to link. Please go to the site and read about this amazing space. I'm swooning with the macabre beauty of this interior. http://theonewithwanderlust.com/tag/history/
  15. Other: super late start, 2 props in 2 days...mummy/chandelier

    Halloween Props
    so we decided LAST week to revive our annual haunt... I hope we have not taken on too much in such a short time. Monster theme this year. Still haven't figured out the invites in whole, but managed to assemble 2 props in two days.. lifesize mummy and candelabra. Vampire items will recycle from a...
  16. DIY Chandelier

    Every year I head back to Ohio to spend Halloween with my Sister and the rest of the family. The sister puts on a pretty big party and I usually contribute a few DIY decorations to help offset the party costs (not really - I can't even make a dent. Her parties are pretty big). Here is one of...
  17. halloween chandelier

    im thinking of possibly doing a halloween chandelier but im not finds a how to on how to make one and if anyone has a how to or pictures i could look at to get an idea and is it possible to wire some fake candels on it and use flicker bulbs ?
  18. Lighting: shaking chandelier

    Halloween Props
    I'm new to the forum, but confident that I've found a great site. I just received an old chandelier from a friend, and want to rig it up to shake for one of my new props for our annual bash. Any ideas on how to do this? I appreciate Any imput!! Mari
  19. Easy make chandelier

    Halloween Props
    Here is my latest tutorial on making an easy candle chandelier Easy Make Chandelier Comments and suggestions welcome :cool:
  20. Bucky's boneyard?

    General Halloween
    Has any body ever tried to make one of the chandeliers that are shown of this site? Heres the link: Chandelier Skull/Bone, 4 Life-Size Skulls on Femur Frame at Skeleton Store | Plastic Skulls and Bones, Skeleton Props Thank you and happy new year to all.