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  1. Product Reviews
    I ran four fog machines for three different scenes at my yard haunt this year. I saw that they sell fog scent and thought this would be perfect for each scene so I purchased Swamp for my pirate ship, Electrocution for my electric chair and Haunted Mansion for my haunted walkway. I purchased...
  2. Halloween Prop Building Group
    We're doing an alien room for our haunt this year and wanted to build a cryo chamber. Money is a bit tight this year so the kids and I came up with a budget build using mostly material we already had. Not including the cost of the alien skeleton, the chamber cost us only around the $20 mark. We...
  3. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    From my point and shoot and having to use flash. But the pro shoot pictures should be ready soon. I also took a quick video. These are the best I could do considering I was being paged on the walkie talkie for all sorts of things as I tried to at least get a few pictures!!!! Entry Chamber...
  4. Halloween Props
    wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped me along the way. I finally completed my stretching rack and it's great! my yard haunt theme is a torture chamber so this is going to fit in perfectly. Parts list: 1 Skeleton (corpsed) Plywood, cut to size old belt some fake chains 12VDC 1200mA...
1-4 of 4 Results