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  1. Mechanical: Help with cauldron creep head movement

    Halloween Props
    I could really use some advice to save me time and aggravation. See my video first: https://youtu.be/dUAD_fsq1fA I'm having a couple challenges with the head. First, what should I do to get the head to come up more vertical? At its highest point, it is still too angled down for my taste. My...
  2. Hellevator

    Horror Discussion
    Has anyone seen the game show called Hellevator on GSN? It airs on Wednesdays, and reruns periodically throughout the week. Teams of 3 compete for cash. Doing 3 challenges, plus a 4th, combining all previous challenges. It's hosted by the Soska sisters, who presents the backstory and challenges...
  3. Among the Living Masks

    Announcements / Press Releases
    After an eye opening trip to Mask Fest 2014, I have decided to start my own Halloween mask studio out of my basement. Inspired by a love for vintage Halloween, horror movies and masks I will be creating all new plastic masks like the ones we all wore when we were kids. Only without the clumsy...
  4. Halloween display vs. Home renovation project

    General Halloween
    Converting the front yard into a graveyard will be challenging this Halloween season due to a home renovation project we have planned this late summer & early fall. Has anybody ever done some major exterior & interior home renovations and still put up all the outdoor Halloween decorations? Is...