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  1. Pneumatic: how is this movement done?

    Halloween Props
    Check out the clown gyrating on the chair at the 7:37 mark of this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4n8ypsaLkE&feature=youtu.be How is this done? Is there any instructable (e.g. youtube) I can search to help me? - Vlad
  2. Static: Graveyard keepers quarters and grounds prop

    Halloween Props
    This will be the new attraction at the yard haunt this year. One side of the yard will be all graveyard, the garage will be an asylum with drop panels and the electric chair and then the other side of the yard will be the Graveyard keepers quarters with the new haunted cabin prop, fence and...
  3. Let's See Your Front Yard

    General Halloween
    Let's see them!!! Just in case you are not aware.....................Halloween 2018 is around the corner! Here is mine... Every year is a different theme for me to keep things interesting. Went with a retirement senior living sort of decor. I will keep adding to this until the end of the...
  4. Static: Throne of Bones V2

    Halloween Props
    So I'm revamping my Throne of Bones for this year. I do a photo op in front of my yard for the ToTs. The line actually gets pretty long, since they have time to stroll around our cul-de-sac. This year I'm adding more bones all over, and I'm debating how to paint it. I was thinking gloss black...
  5. Static: What to do with a 1/2 mannequin ?

    Halloween Props
    I have this 1/2 mannequin that I have no idea what to do with. Last year I sat it in a chair in clothes. So it just looked like an headless guy. It was boring. Does anyone have a better idea of what I could maybe do with it? The arms stay behind its back. I can move them forwards if it has a...
  6. Ideas wanted: How to add a clown theme to a graveyard/asylum yard haunt theme

    General Halloween
    Hello Everybody!!!! So excited to be back and for Fall (finally, it's been hot in Oklahoma) and the best holiday ever. This year I'm already busy building a new gallows prop (last one rotted) and since I have the lumber, a new guillotine will be started soon. But I do have need for some ideas...
  7. Electronic/Software: Flash cracker question

    Halloween Props
    Putting together an electric chair and wanted to use a couple flash crackers on the chair uprights near area where the TOT's upper arms/shoulders are. Before doing so, I wanted to make sure there was no danger of shock or hearing damage with the crackers within several inches of the TOT's...I...
  8. Electronic/Software: Need help with ardunio programming for electric chair

    Halloween Props
    So I pieced together an electric chair that has become the talk of last few neighborhoods that have seen it over the past few years. Each year, I try to add a little to it. Last year, I made a switch panel, but didn't quite get it finished and working to my desired result. The switch panel is...
  9. Prop Showcase: Electric Chair

    Halloween Props
    Will post pics of the chair as I make progress with it. Here are a couple of tea canister transformers, one for each side. It's amazing how a little grey paint pulls it all together. Just need to add wires and an amber beacon light to the underside of both of them.
  10. Fog: Remote timer hack help

    Halloween Props
    Cant see any other posts that are sorta the same as this so here goes, i have made a simple electric chair prop that uses a 12v timer cycle relay board to stop and start bits and pieces of the prop, i was wondering if its possible to link the timer to an older style single push button hard wired...
  11. Other Hand Chair Makeover

    Halloween Crafts
    I just got this cool chair and I am wanting to make it over. I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas :D
  12. Electronic/Software: Electric chair wiring ideas

    Halloween Props
    Im wanting to finish my electric chair project this year, i keep getting disheartened by the wiring setup... any ideas would be much appreciated- What im wanting is to have a press button that visitors can press to activate the chair triggering the prop for a set time (30 seconds or so?). This...
  13. Electronic/Software: Prop controller for electric chair?

    Halloween Props
    I have never really dealt with prop controllers. So maybe I am ignorant.... I have an electric chair prop that I have put had for a few years that is constantly evolving. Ideally, I'd like to have it rigged up to a theatrical switch board so that people can interact with it and throw the...
  14. Static: Grandma's Chair

    Halloween Props
    A couple years ago I was given an old chair that had belonged to my Grandmother. Before I received it, It had been sitting in a barn for the past 50 years decaying. I had every intention of refurbishing it but never found the time. Well, it is done.... but I'm not sure it is how Grandma...
  15. Mechanical: Any Ideas for 1980's horror-themed Rocking Chair Character?

    Halloween Props
    We are doing a 1980's themed Halloween party this year. I have an animated rocking chair I built with a granny skelly rocking back and forth. I want to convert it to an 80's horror character, preferably one that is remembered for sitting in a rocking chair. The psycho mother would have been...

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is Davy Jones Throne of Bones which I made for my pirate gig. Its made of PVC pipe,epoxy putty, and plastic bones. The bones and putty were purchased on E Bay, most of the bones came from the skeleton factory. The throne is in two parts for ease of transportation. The back piece slides down...
  17. Mechanical: Best Shiatsu Props?!

    Halloween Props
    I have four- count 'em - FOUR "new" thrift store old skool Shiatsu massagers. What to do? What to do? I'd like to concentrate my outdoor display this year - working with a smaller footprint rather than a big cemmie spread out across the front lawn. So I'd like to have a smaller area with...
  18. Pneumatic: Halloween 2016 video

    Halloween Props
    Some new stuff Pillars Baby Blocks Electric Chair Chainsaw Feeding Table Rotten Rotisserie
  19. Static: Making Props is part of the fun!

    Halloween Props
    There are all kinds of Halloween props, from simple cheesecloth draped over an inverted salad bowl to wildly authentic fully animated creatures of unimaginable horror or amusement. Part of the fun of Halloween, is in figuring out how to make good, visually impressive props without bleeding the...
  20. Mechanical: Haunted rocking chair?

    Halloween Props
    I'm curious if anyone has done a chair that rocks itself (with or without something sitting in it...)? I know this must be as ease as attaching an actuator of some kind to the back of a rocker, but has anyone done it? Would like to do something simple/cheap/quick for this year.