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  1. 70% off at Walgreen today!

    General Halloween
    Just hit up walgreen for the first day of 70% off! Got some great huge skeleton heads, and a few skeleton chains....but there were lots of "cute" props as well....just sharing!
  2. Chains On A Dime

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Okay Haunters, So I was looking for the cheapest way to get chains for my haunt, and I think I did pretty well. (1) Go to your local Home Depot-esch store and find 1" foam pipe insulation. This comes in black and silver normally. I'd suggest silver (it looks better). It will be about 6' long...
  3. Mechanical: 28201, 6FT KD Monster w/ Chains

    Halloween Props
    Would anyone have a manual or anything like that for a Gemmy Monster with Chains? I contacted Gemmy and they said they discontinued that model in 2006 and nolonger have any doccuments on it. I'd like to have a copy during the process of restoring this prop. Thanks in advance for any info...
  4. Other: DIY chains

    Halloween Props
    I am needing some ideas on how to make chains that won't cost me a fortune. So far I have come up with using PVC pipe or pipe insulation. Does anyone else have any ideas?