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  1. Halloween Music
    Nightmare City Halloween presents the Ultimate Halloween Playlist! Featuring 1,051 songs running 66 hours. There's something for everyone here. Listen if you dare: 40 Years Of Nightmare City Halloween Additonal Nightmare City Halloween Playlists include: The Best Of Nightmare City...
  2. Halloween Props
    Would you pay $100 for a full bodied female mannequin? An extremely old and established high end ladies clothing boutique is closing due to retirement. 4 generations have owned and managed it and they are finally done. I was in today looking around and asked about the mannequins, which they...
  3. Member Introduction
    Yes hello, from the mouse house (Disney for non-locals) area. Been on here for a while, in ghost lurker mode, absorbing all the great information. I came here specifically looking for skeleton animatronic info and got hooked on everything else. I like to tinker and build stuff so.... hold on...
  4. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    In very good condition; over 6 foot tall, oh a bit dusty from being in storage. Very little use on him. Seems to work very, very well. PM me a cell number and I’ll send you a video of the animation. He’s available for pick-up in Central Ohio or I will ship it. To calculate the cost to...
  5. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Update: Sold
  6. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone :) My name is Alecia, I live in the hills of central New York where I enjoy decorating for my chickens and the occasional escaped alpaca. I've been a tiny bit obsessed with Halloween my whole life. I like to make things, my creative experiments are all over the place. I like to...
1-6 of 6 Results