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  1. General Halloween
    This is mostly daytime still images just to change things up and focus a bit more on the details.
  2. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    $18,000 for everything listed (local pick up only) Los Angeles CA Link to listing https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/for/7557382969.html (12) 7ft brick pillars with lights. The pillars are foam with CNC cut bricks and realistic faux mortar. Each pillar light runs on 12 volts and has barrel...
    $18,000 USD
  3. Halloween Props
    Here's my new set of tombstones and a tomb for storage and transport I made. The tomb is made from plywood, lumber and styrofoam, the tombstones are styrofoam with 3D printed text. Everything is painted with a mixture of paint, caulk, joint compound and sand to give it a stone texture...
  4. Member Introduction
    Hi all, I’ve read posts on this site for many years but finally created an account. I have a fairly large haunted yard along with my neighbors. Last year we estimated we had over 3,000 people visit us during the month of October. My fathers birthday is the 30th of October so ever since I was...
  5. General Halloween
    With everything all taken down and put away, it’s time once again to catalogue the year that was. This year only saw a few new pieces built, but most were larger undertakings, and hopefully helped continue the goal of ‘deepening’ the display. I’m trying to continue merging the house and...
  6. Halloween Props
    I love seeing what people are doing for their Cemeteries so whatcha building and with Halloween just around the corner are you on track? I updated my Skull Crypt to make if look realistic the original I built in 2014 was done too fast and the detail stunk. Here's the old and the new. I still...
  7. Halloween Props
    @Detour asked me in another thread to describe my cemetery fence build. In case someone else might want to use it, I decided not to bury it in that other thread with a different overall purpose. Sorry in advance for the long post, but you asked for it. 😁 So here's how I chose to build my version...
  8. Member Introduction
    Hi. I'm new to this site and am looking for haunted house items to purchase or make. I especially need these items: Props for a mad scientist/Frankenstein room, a clown room, a zombie room, a haunted cemetery, an alien spaceship/UFO room, a gothic Victorian Castle/vampire room, and an Egyptian...
  9. General Halloween
    Over the years this forum has been chock full of some incredibly talented Halloween enthusiasts who've created unbelievable displays. I can't imagine all of you started so boldly though. We have a decade+ old thread somewhere on the forum about showing off your graveyards/haunts, but I wanted to...
  10. IMG_0178.jpg

    Killington Lane Cemetery
  11. Edward Gorey PBS 'Mystery' Tombstone

    Above is the finished product. Below is the inspiration; a grainy screencapture from YouTube of a TV intro from a show that is 40 years old. I tried to enlarge this image enough to trace onto my foam, but it was waaay to grainy and just disintegrated... So back to the drawing board. Below is an...
  12. Halloween Props
    Okay, I need some advice. I am making a fence for my graveyard this year, and I am unsure of what colors I should paint it. I could do the normal brown (it resembles a rickety old wooden fence) or I could alternate between red and white. I am mainly doing a carnival theme (funhouse this year)...
  13. Examples of Art Direction

    Examples of using Art Direction to keep your design focused and cohesive.
  14. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Note: This is a repost of an old tutorial whose links to pictures were broken with the software update at HF. Stared at a pallet left behind after a delivery and thought – wow, that wood looks super old and would make a great-looking casket. I have these types of thoughts all the time. Doesn’t...
  15. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Note: This is a repost of an old tutorial whose links to pictures were broken with the software update at HF. Love the flickering effect using simple battery-operated LED tealights created by jimmyzdc. But, needed them to be on a timer and not worry about batteries. Time to hack a string of...
  16. Flickering Lights

    Set of Flickering Lights sold at Christmastime.
  17. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Note: This is a repost of an old tutorial whose links to pictures were broken with the software update at HF. An easy way to give your windows a stained-glass look is to paint an old white sheet. The sheet is painted with thinned acrylic paint. There is a light shining behind to give it...
  18. Stained Glass Window

    Spook up the sidewalk with sheet painted like stained glass
  19. Stained Glass Close-up

    Formally a plain 'ole garage window
  20. Faux Stained Glass Windows

    Quick way to cover up plain garage windows
1-20 of 253 Results